• How to Join a Club

    Once you find a club that interests you, be sure to listen to the morning announcements for information on when and where groups will be meeting. Also, make sure to get information on club day, or contact the sponsor directly. Brochures can be found in the Book Store located in the Administrative Building.


    How to Start a Club

    Ask a teacher to be an advisor for the club, then get the new club packet from the Book Store. All completed paperwork should be turned in to Mr. Gardner.

  • LHS Club List 

    Anime Club 

    Sponsor:  Mr. Bausch

    The Anime Club draws and watches unique and amazing art.


    Art Club

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Edwards

    The Art Club is designed to encourage leadership in the visual arts through activities that expose students to the arts.


    ASL Honor Society

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Browder



    Athletic Training

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Dunning

    The Athletic Training Club offers students an educational experience working with the various LHS athletic teams.  Athletic trainers help to evaluate, treat and rehabilitate athletic injuries.  Trainers also provide emergency care of injuries during games and practices.



    Sponsor:  Mr. Ebersole

    Band performs at athletic events, as well as other LHS events. Students in band also compete against other schools throughout the year.


    Cartoonist's Club 


    Students can develop an appreciation of animation, story boarding and the developmental process of creating abstract script works.


    Ceramics Club

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Dry

    Students can have fun and express their talents and abilities in the Ceramics Club.  


    Choir Club

    Sponsor:  Mr. Schafer

    The Choir Club is organized to promote the choir program at Liberty.  


    Christian Club on Campus

    Sponsor:  Mr. Zsilavec

    Christian Club on Campus is a club that provides a place for students to gather and grow in their relationship with God through worship, prayer and fellowship with other students.


    Close Up


    Club Unify

    Culinary Arts

    Sponsor:  Mr. Stanhill, Mrs. Poe

    Students prepare food for different events, and learn how to become great assets to the food industry.



    Sponsor:  Mrs. Smith

    The Dance Club is open to any student interested in dance.  Members learn choreography for dance concerts.



    Sponsor:  Mr. Clark

    DECA is a student run organization specifically designed to provide activities that will motivate students to learn marketing, management and entrepreneurial principles to better prepare them for jobs in business.  DECA members can choose to compete against other schools.


    Drama Club

    Sponsor:  Mr. Kiesling

    Drama Club sponsors all plays and musicals at Liberty.  It is open to all students both in and out of Theater Arts classes.  Participants can earn points towards becoming a member of the International Thespian Society.


    Educators Rising

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Frick

    Educators Rising is a national student organization dedicated to supporting young people interested in education-related careers.


    Engineering Club

    Sponsor:  Mr. Hutchison

    The engineering club introduces students to the modern concepts of engineering through demonstrations, building projects, and hosting of engaging speakers.  The club's goal is to educate students and promote interest in the field of engineering.



    Sponsor:  Mrs. Pennock

    The Future Business Leaders of America is an exciting club with an emphasis on business.  Students engage in a number of activities throughout the year including leadership conferences and competitions.



    Sponsor:  Mrs. Laird

    The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is designed to bring those interested in fellowship to experience how Christ works in the realm of athletics.  FCA is geared to meet the needs of athletes, but does not require one to be involved in athletics to attend.


    Glee Club

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Quinn-Peters


    Green Team

    Sponsor: Alexandra Duare


    HERO Club

    Sponsors:  Mrs. Reed & Mr. McGinn

    The HERO Club works to promote tolerance, equality, friendship, and acceptance for everyone. 



    Sponsors:  Mrs. Mitchell

    HOSA is geared towards those students interested in entering the healthcare field.  Students compete with other schools and students are able to gain a better understanding about healthcare occupations.


    Key Club

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Cormier

    LHS Key Club is a service club open to all Liberty High School students. Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership.  


    Mat Maids

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Brenton

    Mat Maids support organization for the wrestling program.  Students in this club attend all wrestling meets and tournaments to cheer for the athletes, film the matches, keep score and perform other vital assignments.  


    Media Club 

    Sponsors:  Mr. McLaughlin & Mr. Byrne

    Students in the media club run the announcements, create commercials, and broadcast Liberty events. Media club members will learn how to use different software and programs to aide in video production.


    Movie Club

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Pasquariello

    The Movie Club is an organization of students who like to watch and discuss feature films.


    Music Club

    Sponsors:  Mrs. Fain

    The Liberty Music Club is designed for the pure love of music. The purpose of the club is to provide a stress free environment to learn, grow and share musical talents.  


    National Honor Society

    Sponsor:  Ms. Coons

    NHS is designed to create enthusiasm for scholarships, stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students at Liberty. Membership selection is by a faculty council and is based on outstanding scholarship, character, leadership and service.


    Photo Club

    Sponsors : Mrs. Webster

    In Photo Club students learn how to use a camera properly, how to take great photos and express their creativity.


    Skills USA

    Sponsor: Mr. Hutchison

    Skills USA serves students enrolled in career and technical education training programs at Liberty. Members practice their skills and compete against other high school students in selected areas.


    Skills USA Law

    Sponsor: Shawn Gloden


    Software Development FBLA Chapter

    Sponsor:  Mr. Mattern


    Spanish Club

    Sponsor: Mrs. Saylor

    The purpose of the Spanish Club is to stimulate interest for the Spanish language and the Spanish culture.


    Spanish Honor Society

    Sponsor: Mrs. Montoya and Mrs.Fain


    Space Club

    Sponsor: Mrs. Jensen

    The purpose of the Space Club is to discuss space, watch movies about space and participate in space-related activities.


    STEM Club

    Sponsor:  Mr. Apthorp, Mr. Hutchinson

    STEM Club is designed to introduce students at Liberty to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. 


    Student Activism

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Hagar


    Student Council

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Laird

    Student Council is a leadership class that all members must be a part of. Student council plans activities such as incoming and spirit weeks, dances, assemblies, community service projects, teacher appreciation and much more. Elections for student council take place in the spring, with the exception of freshman class elections, which occur in the fall.

    **Please note: 

    Student Council is an academic class; requirements are 3.0 Cumulative GPA or higher and students must run in the Election to acquire a position in the class.


    Tabletop Gaming Club

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Pasquariello

    This is a club for all those looking to play Dungeons and Dragons, and other tabletop role-playing games, to come together and enjoy an adventure together. Anyone who is interested is welcome to play.


    Uno Club 

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Netz-Mowrer

    The Uno Club is for all students who appreciate the skills, strategies, and nuances of the UNO card game.


    Uproar Club 

    Sponsor:  Mr. Kellard

    The Uproar Club is to promote school spirit/pride throughout the building. Their goal is to encourage students to get involved in LHS sporting events by attending and cheering on our teams.


    Writers and Publishers

    Sponsors:  Mr. Le

    The purpose of this club is to write and publish a quarterly school magazine and give students the opportunity to write, advertise, design and edit the magazine. There will also be areas for the students to share their own writing. 



    Sponsor:  Mr. Le 

    Students learn how to work as a team through club fundraisers and out-of-school activities, thereby creating a great yearbook.


    Class Sponsors

    Seniors              Morgan Bausch
    Juniors               Megan Fiore
    Sophomores      Melissa Ebersol
    Freshmen          Courtney Johnson