Lunch Detention Policy

  • Effective Tuesday February 20th Liberty High School will be implementing a new lunch detention policy. This policy is designed to help them learn the value of their actions and help improve the campus. Students will have ten minutes from the bell to get their lunch and report to security. Where they will check in and park their phones in the collection basket and be asked to remove their earbuds if necessary. 

    Check in times 

    • 3rd Lunch 10:42 AM 

    • 4th Lunch 12:20 PM 

    • Modified Wednesday 3rd Lunch 9:41 AM 

    • Modified Wednesday 4th Lunch 10:48 AM

    Students will sit at the table next to the stage and serve 30 minuets at the table. Students are expected to not talk, and restroom and water breaks will not be permitted. They should take advantage of the 10 minutes before their check-in time to accomplish these tasks. It is recommended that students that have lunch detention either bring their lunch or they will be allowed to move to the front of the line to get their lunch utilizing their lunch detention slip as a pass. 

    Immediately following lunch, the students will participate in campus beautification where they will be provided with a bucket and a garbage picker. Once the area has been cleaned, security will sign their pass, return their phones and send students to class. 


    If a student chooses not to participate in campus beautification activities, they will be issued a one-day off-campus suspension or given the option to serve a second thirty-minute lunch detention the following lunch. 

    If a student misses a lunch detention, they will be given one chance to make up that lunch detention the following lunch. Any future failures to appear will result in a one day off campus suspension.  

    It is understandable that there may be times when a student does not have their phone. If a student does not turn in their phone and then is seen with their phone at any time during the lunch detention, they will receive a one day off campus suspension. 

    Behaviors that warrant a Lunch Detention 

    Inappropriate Language 

    Disruptive behavior to the learning environment 

    Unexcused absences or tardies 

    Defiance or disrespect 

    Technology violations 


    Any other action deemed appropriate by staff or administration for lunch detention