No Pass No Play

  • Students must maintain a passing grade in order to participate in extra curricular activities. Grades are checked by teachers each Friday. Students who have grades that are close to failing will receive a "Yellow Card". This is a warning for the student, parents and coach/sponsor that the student's grade is in jeopardy. However, the student can still participate. If the student has a failing  grade they will receive a "Red Card". Receiving a Red Card means the student is not eligible to participate in the following week's game/event. If the student brings their grade up to passing before the event happens, the teacher can clear the student to participate. Please see below for the official board policy.



    Extracurricular Activities
    District Policy: 

    In order that overenthusiastic students do not place a social or athletic function on a higher plane than the academic program, the following policy will be adhered to:


    Students who, upon having their work checked on a cumulative basis at the end of each one (1) week period, show that they are not working to capacity and have one (1) or more failing grades will be removed from any athletic teams or extracurricular activities.  After improving their respective grades such that they are passing on a cumulative basis, they shall be reinstated to the team or extracurricular activities until a subsequent check is performed.