Students who audition for and are enrolled in the Fine Arts Theatre program have the opportunity to gain skills in many areas of theatre arts. Beginning in 5th grade, students learn basic pantomime techniques as well as learning their way around the stage. 5th grade also learns basic improvisation skills in their first year of rigorous theatre study. They also begin training in vocal techniques, including projection and articulation. 6th grade theatre students continue to explore characterization through improvisation and script writing. They build on their skills in staging and vocal techniques and begin to explore the elements of a monologue as it relates to auditioning and theatre professionalism. Our junior High Theatre program is considered our advanced program. Students at this level are writing monologues and one-act plays, performing duet and group scenes, and are running our International Thespian Society Drama Club. Students in 5th-8th grade may audition for our fall and spring productions.