• Want to earn some FREE money? How?



    Many companies and organizations offer scholarship monies for a variety of things that you have done, are involved in or have knowledge of. Have you volunteered your time and participated in community service? Are you a 1st generation college student? Can you take a picture of yourself with a milk mustache and upload it to Instagram? You don't have to be a straight A student to earn free money!


    Are scholarships just for Seniors? Most are, but there are plenty out there that you can apply for starting your Freshman year. 


    Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines!

    Find Scholarships on Your Student Vue


    Check the links below for some scholarship search engines:


    Check the links below for sites that link you to multiple opportunities:

    Arizona Community Foundation

    Raise Me

Letter of Recommendation

  • Some scholarships require a letter of recommendation.


    Do you need a letter of recommendation?  Follow these steps:

    1.  Fill out the Profile Data Sheet for Letters of Recommendation

    2.  Give 2-4 weeks notice when asking for a letter.

    3.  Provide the person with the "Profile Data Sheet for Letters of Recommendation


     Click here to learn how to get a great letter of recommendation.