Scholarship Information


    Reasons Why You Should Apply for Scholarships (all 4 years of high school)

    • Every little bit helps
    • Can keep you from having college debt
    • Helps you pay for education after high school.
    • Enriches your life
    • If you have volunteered and participated in community service
    • 1st generation college student
    • Many, many more reasons


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    Check the links below for some scholarship search engines:


    Check the links below for sites that link you to multiple opportunities:

    Arizona Community Foundation

    Raise Me

Letter of Recommendation

  • Some scholarships require a letter of recommendation.


    Do you need a letter of recommendation?  Follow these steps:

    1.  Fill out the Profile Data Sheet for Letters of Recommendation

    2.  Give 2-4 weeks notice when asking for a letter.

    3.  Provide the person with the "Profile Data Sheet for Letters of Recommendation


     Click here to learn how to get a great letter of recommendation.