• Annually, the Peoria Unified School District reognizes a small percentage of employees for their outstanding service to their school and the district.


    The following Foothills staff mebers have been recipients of this honorable award.


    1988-1989- John Prather

    1989-1990- Marilyn Rodabough

    1991-1992- Carol Licardi

    1992-1993- Debbie Segebarth

    1993-1994- Doniel Giangobbe, Jeanne Lundin

    1994-1995- Don Geisler

    1995-1996- Marcia Fletcher

    1996-1997- Martha Fontaine

    1998-1999- Denise Pryde, Ken Becker, Jerri Reid

    1999-2000- Judy Lamberton, Dave Cosman

    2000-2001- Jane Heitowit, Amy Carlson

    2001-2002- Priscilla Claypool, Connie Worley

    2002-2003- Debbie Wieting

    2003-2004- Michele Fernandez (Knape)

    2004-2005- Judy Keen, Bev Harris

    2005-2006- Denise Defatte

    2014-2015- Terri Haugin

    2015-2016- Erin Sample

    2016-2017- Donna Kelnhoffer

    2018-2019- Katie Richard, Shelly Coffey

    2019-2020- Lisa Cox



    Here is a video of our Lisa Cox suprised Drive Thru Pride of Peoria Celebration