Ironwood's Administrative Team

Principal Russell Dunham

  • I am the Principal here at Ironwood High School.  I was the Assistant Principal in charge of Academics here at Ironwood since 2011.  I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona.  I graduated from the University of Arizona (Bear Down) with a degree in Secondary Education/History.  I always wanted to teach and coach.  Before coming to Ironwood in 2011, I taught History, coached soccer, and was a Student Advisor at Centennial High School.  I am very glad to be here at Ironwood and feel extremely fortunate to be working with our incredible students, parents, and staff.  #IJBH    

Academics - Reginna Lewis

  • I am the Assistant Principal in charge of Academics here at Ironwood High School. I am also the administrator for the Sophomore class.  I was born and raised here in the valley for most of my life. I have had the pleasure of living in Italy and throughout the US while in the Air Force before retiring from the AF Reserves in 2014. I attended Arizona State University and received my Bachelor in Elementary Education and my Master of Education in Educational Leadership at Grand Canyon University. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work in the field of education for sixteen years. During my tenure as an educator, I have been committed to providing a quality education to students in addition to mentoring them through clubs and athletics. I was a district instructional coach at Peoria High School prior to joining the Eagle family. I look forward to serving this great community and am excited for this upcoming year. Go Eagles!

Activities - Susan Schmit

  • I am the Assistant Principal in charge of Activities here at Ironwood High School.  I am also the administrator for the Freshman class.  I knew at a very young age that I wanted to be a teacher.  A native of Arizona, I grew up in the Glendale/Peoria area and graduated from Peoria High School.  I received my Bachelors in Secondary Education/Social Studies from NAU and my Masters in Educational Leadership from ASU.  I taught American Government and Student Government for 21 years right here at Ironwood High School.  About 20 years into my teaching career, I decided that Administration would be a great direction for me.  I was an Assistant Principal at Liberty High School for 6 years before returning to Ironwood in 2014.  I absolutely love Ironwood!  It is an amazing place to be because of our phenomenal students, our exceptional staff, and our supportive community.  Ironwood is “home” to me. 

Athletics - Kris Kemp

  • I am the Assistant Principal in charge of Athletics here at Ironwood High School.  I oversee facilities, safety and am the administrator for the junior and senior classes.  I was born and raised in the Chicago area where I was a collegiate athlete at Trinity International University.  My family and I lived in Colorado before moving to Arizona.  I have been a teacher and a varsity coach in Illinois, Colorado, and Arizona.  I am excited to be a part of Ironwood as an administrator where I can support students, teachers and coaches. 


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    Reginna Lewis

    Assistant Principal - Academics




    Susan Schmit

    Assistant Principal - Activities




    Kris Kemp

    Assistant Principal - Athletics