• Please contact our attendance office directly to report an absence.  Absences must be reported by a parent or guardian within 24 hours of the absence.


    Excessive absences due to illness must be verified with a doctor's note.  Vacation time that exceeds the alloted absences per term/semester must be approved BEFOREHAND by administration.  


    If a student exceeds 5 absences in a term or 10 absences in a semester, he/she may lose credit in that class.  If a student loses credit due to excessive absences, a letter will be mailed home explaining the reason for the loss of credit as well as the procedure to appeal.  

Tardy Policy

  • Tardy Policy at Ironwood High School

    Our policy is designed around these purposes:

    1. To reduce classroom interruptions caused by students arriving late to class.

    2. To reduce the number of students loitering on campus.

    3. To teach the "lifelong" skill of promptness.


    Tardy: Defined as when a student arrives into the classroom after the last bell has rung without a pass.


    Excused Tardy: Defined as a student who has a pass to class from:

    Attendance Office

    Administration/Administration Secretaries

    Previous hour teacher





    1st Hour is the class period that has the most tardies.  The large number of students arriving late have become a huge distraction for the other students in the classroom and for the teachers.  Therefore our approach to 1st hour will be handled differently than the other class periods.  


    Students who arrive after the final bell - with an unexcused tardy will be sent to the first hour suspension.  First hour suspension will be held in the cafeteria.  Students will remain there for the duration of 1st hour.  Once a student reaches his/her sixth 1st Hour Suspension, an Off Campus Suspension will result with each following tardy.  


    A parent can excuse up to 5 tardies (1st Hour), and the parent must escort the student into the attendance office to do so.  After the 5th excused tardy, the consequences for 1st hour unexcused tardies will be put in place.   


    2nd HOUR - 5th HOUR TARDIES

    Consequences for Unexcused – Per Semester


    Tardies 1-3: No Consequence


    Tardies 4-5:  Monday After School Detention from 12:30PM - 1:30PM.  Parent will be responsible for picking up his/her student.  Failure to serve will result in an Off Campus Suspension.  


    Tardies 6+:  Off Campus Suspension


    These tardies are CUMULATIVE per semester/regardless of class period.

    • Failure to serve Monday After School Detention will result in Off Campus Suspension.

    • 30 minutes late to a class constitutes an absence

    • Accumulated tardies could impact Attendance Appeals

    • Accumulated tardies could impact Open Enrollment application


    Our goal is to get students to class on time and respect the 90 minutes of course work our teachers have worked hard to prepare.  Your support on this is greatly appreciated.  



  • Kaylynn McGee

    Attendance Secretary




    Attendance Clerk