• CTE- Career & Technical Education at PUSD: https://www.peoriaunified.org/Domain/4210

    Peoria Unified offers many Career and Technical Education courses.  Not all programs are offered at all seven high schools in the district, however Ironwood students can co-enroll and take a specialized program/course at any of the high schools. 

    Students interested in enrolling in a course on another campus will need to complete an electronic request (see the links below).  One way transportation will be provided by the district first and fifth period only, if requested. Student drivers may drive themselves with parent permission.  Co-Enrollment Requests

  • CTE Programs that are on Ironwood Campus- There are 6 different Programs in the CTE offers in PUSD.  Ironwood offers Category of Course Sequence in 5 of the Programs.  The Programs are:  1) Business, Marketing & Management 2) Communications & Information Systems 3) Health Services 4) Human Services & Resources 5) Industrial, Manufacturing, & Engineering Systems.  Under each of the Programs, are different Categories, with Course Sequences. 

    Students may pursue a CTE Mastery of Subject Area Graduation Endorsement by completing a course sequence in a specific program.  This endorsement will be added to a high school transcript indicating academic achievement in a major area of study. Students will receive a graduation medallion, certificate and pin for the program completed. Students may receive endorsements in multiple CTE programs. Click here for an informational flyer.


    • Business, Marketing & Management (Program)

    Finance (Category)


      • Personal Finance 1: Economics & World Finance
      • Personal Finance 2: Investing & Insurance
      • CTE Internship: Finance

    Marketing (Category)


      • Marketing
      • Sports Marketing/Sales
      • Advanced Marketing & Sales/Work Experience
      • CTE Internship: Marketing




    • Communication & Information Systems (Program)

    Film & TV (Category)


      • Introduction to Film & TV
      • Advanced Film & TV (may be repeated for credit)
      • CTE Internship: Broadcast (Peoria Student Broadcasting Network)



    • Computer Programming & Technology
    • Game Design & Development
    • CTE Internship: IT



    • AP Computer Science Principles
    • AP Computer Science
    • Advanced Software Development


    • Health Services(Program)

    Sports Medicine (Category)


    • Introduction to Sports Medicine
    • Advanced Sports Medicine
    • CTE Internship: Sports Medicine



    • Human Services & Resources (Program)

    Culinary (Category)


        • Introduction to Culinary Arts
        • Creative Foods
        • Professional Cooking
        • Commerce Baking
        • CTE Internship: Culinary Arts

    Early Childhood Education (Category)


    • Child Development
    • Childhood Oriented Occupational Program (COOP)
    • Advanced COOP/Advanced COOP Lab
    • CTE Internship: Early Childhood Education

    Law Enforcement (Category)


    • Criminal Justice
    • Law Enforcement I
    • Law Enforcement II
    • CTE Internship: Law Enforcement



    • Industrial, Manufacturing, & Engineering Systems(Program)

    Construction (Category)


    Construction I

    Construction II

    Construction III

                CTE Internship: Construction Trades

    Engineering (Category)


    Engineering I

    Engineering II

    Engineering III

    Engineering IV

    CTE Internship: Engineering Sciences

  • Met Professional Academy: https://www.peoriaunified.org/MET

    The MET Professional Academy is designed to motivate students by treating them as working professionals and preparing them for post-secondary education and careers in high demand STEM fields.  All career fields are held at the MET Academy housed on Peoria High School Campus.

    The MET has 5 Career Fields: 1).Medical 2) Engineering 3) Technology 4) Bioscience 5) Entrepreneurship.

    If you are interested in learning more about the MET, make an appointment for a tour, attend an open house, or watch the informational video.  Application to apply for this program open in the October..


    West-MEC  https://www.west-mec.edu/


    Ironwood Guidance works with your student to give the best educational experience for your student.  In addition to the traditional on campus programs, Peoria Unified School District partners with West-Mec to provide career training programs so your student is prepared with certifications and is experienced to join the work force.

    Find out about the 4 campuses and their programs.  Click Here

    Attend an open house Click Here