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    In this section, you will find contacts and information on all of the sports at Ironwood.  You will also find the information needed in order for students to participate in sports.  

Register My Athlete


    Register Athlete

    REGISTER MY ATHLETE gives parents the opportunity to register their student(s) for extracurricular participation at Ironwood High School. 

    The process goes as follows:


    1. Go to

    Select ‘Arizona’ as your state.

    Select ‘Ironwood’ as your high school.


    For continuing Athletes with current profile, please sign in to athlete profile and go directly to step 6.


    2. New Athletes: Create an account as the Parent/Guardian.

    Complete the required fields, create your password and security questions.


    3. Accept the Terms of Use and Login


    4. Add a New Athlete

    a. This only needs to be done once during a students high school career.

    b. This information will carry over from year-to-year.

    c. Enter required contact information and medical information.

    d. Agree to keep all information up-to-date.

    e. Select ‘Add New Athlete’


    5. Create the Athlete Profile


    6. Register for a Sport/Activity

    a. SELECT YEAR 2018-2019

    b. Choose a sport/activity - a yellow pop-up will show up at the top of screen if registration is not in current year.

    c. Complete the Registration Checklist

    • Participation Fee Awareness
    • Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness
    • PUSD Student/Parent Athletic Handbook
    • Student and Parent Informed Consent
    • Proof of School or Personal Health Insurance
    • AIA Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Signed by Doctor
    • Brainbook


    7. Repeat Steps 4 – 6 for additional Students


    8. Repeat Step 6 for each additional Sport/Activity


    Technical Support Information

    E-mail support:  Phone support:  (435) 213-1601

    Hours:  Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM (Mountain Time)


Athletic Fees

  • Student Participation Fees

    Participation Fee - $100
    This fee covers all sports for the school year. The Participation Fee is due at the beginning of the season. 


    Sporting Event Admission Fees

    $5 for Adults
    $3 for Students (10 and over with Student ID)
    $50 for Student Eagle Fan Pass (All games)


    Sports where admission fees may apply include:
    Football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, wrestling and certain Peoria Unified tournaments.


    *For information on Activity Cards, please contact the IHS Booster Club

Ironwood football field


  • Michael Burrola

    Athletic Director




    Kathy Holmes

    Athletic Secretary




    Mike Suman

    Athletic Trainer