• Hearing and Vision screenings are generally initiated at the beginning of the school year in conjunction with the Arizona State Law and Department of Health Guidelines. Screenings performed in the health office are not equivalent to a comprehensive hearing/ear or vision/eye exam. New mandated vision screening rules are in process for ADHS. This site will update once finalized. 

    Hearing screenings performed each year:

    • Preschool, kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th grades
    • Students new to the district
    • Special Education students
    • Students identified by teachers
    • At the request of parents/guardians

    A parent may choose to opt out of hearing and vision screening by completing the Parental Objection to Screening form. Please turn this form into your health office. 

    If your child passes hearing and vision, you will not receive notification. If your child fails vision on the first attempt, a referral will be sent home. 

    If your child fails to hear one or more tones during the hearing screening on the first attempt, a rescreen will take place within 10-30 days. If he/she fails the second screening, a referral will be sent home. For both hearing and vision, if a referral is sent home, the expectation is that a professional evaluation will be completed. If you need assistance with finding a provider, please contact your health office nurse or call your child’s doctor. 

    Early identification and treatment of vision or hearing issues can be key to preventing long-term complications. 

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