• The Peoria Unified School District eCampus Virtual High School offers students the option of taking a course where access to materials and communication with the instructor and other students is primarily accomplished via the World Wide Web.  The content of these online courses has been developed by Peoria Unified teachers or purchased through an outside vendor.  All courses are aligned to the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards & curriculum standards of the district.

    eCampus Virtual High School operates as a program within the Peoria Unified school district.  Peoria Unified is one of the largest unified school districts in Arizona and is labeled an “A” school district by the Arizona Department of Education’s AZ Learns Achievement Profiles.  Peoria Unified prides itself on excelling schools, award-winning teachers, high AIMS test scores, career and technical education programs, specialized Choice Programs and championship athletic programs.


    The Vision

    of the Peoria Unified eCampus Virtual High School is to use new and emerging technologies to provide students increased equity and access to the highest quality educational opportunities.

    The Mission

    of eCampus is to serve students, parents and our community by providing a quality, online, non-traditional, flexible learning experience through an alternative setting to help students achieve a successful educational experience.  By doing this, we help eCampus achieve Peoria Unified goals of every student, every day, prepared to shape tomorrow and drive our eCampus model of success through excellence in the areas of graduation, academics, and future applications. 

    Fully Accredited

    eCampus is part of the Peoria Unified school district, which is proud to be the first district in the state to receive the prestigious AdvancED accreditation.