• Students should reach out to their eCampus instructor and their home school counselor to determine if dropping the online course is the best course of action.  Student who do elect to drop their eCampus course(s) will need to submit a request to drop form to their home school counselor.  Students will remain in the course and a final grade will be posted to the student's transcript if the request to drop form is not received by the home school counselor. 

    Students should review the polices below to determine if dropping the course will impact their transcript.  When tuition has been paid, please note the time frame to receive a refund.

    • Within two weeks of the start of class, a student may cancel enrollment (drop a class) and receive a reimbursement of any tuition paid. The time frame to receive a refund changes during the summer.  During summer sessions, a student can receive a refund only if they drop the class during the first week of the session.  Students must complete and submit the request for refund form to the eCampus office.  
    • Additionally, a student who has not communicated with their online teacher within 2 weeks of the start of class or has not been active in the course for two consecutive weeks will be dropped from the course and tuition will not be reimbursed.
    • Any withdrawal prior to the 20th day (8th day in a nine-week class) will not show on the transcript. Any student who withdraws after the 20th day (8th day in nine-week course) will receive a grade of “W”, if passing the course, or an “F” if failing the course. The W or F will be posted to the transcript. Students who receive a F will be ineligible for extra-curricular and AIA participation for the remainder of the semester and the F will be factored into their GPA and class rank. Requests for class withdrawals will not be allowed after the 50th day of the semester or 20th day in a nine-week class. Dropped classes may be retaken and the higher grade will be used for GPA purposes.
    • If an extension is granted by the instructor, the student’s current grade will be posted to their transcript and the student will be given two additional weeks to complete the required coursework. If the student completes the course within the two-week extension and the student’s grade improves, the instructor will submit the required documentation to eCampus administration and the student’s transcript will be updated.  If the student’s grade does not change as a result of the two-week extension, then the posted grade will remain on the student’s transcript. 
    • Extensions will only be granted if the student is missing a few assignments and the final exam and if the student has tracked the required 400 weekly minutes in the eCampus student tracking system.