• The Peoria Unified School District is providing K-8 full-time online learning options via our eCampus program for the 2020-2021 school year.  Elementary courses include core subjects such as mathematics, language arts and reading, science, and social studies.  In addition, a few online electives are available.  

    Peoria Unified elementary students will be supported by Peoria Unfiied highly qualified instructors who are trained to deliver a quality, online course experience for your students. 


    The online course is an interactive course that engages students with the content. Students can go at their own pace as long as they meet the minimum pacing set by the instructor.  Teachers regularly assess and monitor your student's progress.  You can sample an online course using the links below:

    Sample a Kindergarten Language Arts course.
    Sample a 2nd grade Science course.
    Sample a 3rd grade Social Studies course.
    Sample a 5th grade Math course.

    Teacher Support

    Peoria Unified teachers deliver weekly "live" virtual sessions.  The "live" virtual whole classroom and small group sessions provide direct instruction to students and allow students the opportunity to get support and ask questions.  Teachers will also work with student one-on-one for additional support.  

    Students will be required to use their Peoria Unified student email account to communicate and send messages to their teachers. 

    Special Education Services

    Services will be provided as outlined in the student's IEP plan. 

    Time Requirement
    K-8 students are required to log the mimimum number of hours throughout their entire online experience.  Teachers will communicate dates and times of "live" virtual sessions.  Students will meet the required time through a variety of instructional activities and tasks including but limited to online assignments, projects, virtual "live" lessons with teacher, etc.  

    Kindergarten | 10 hours weekly
    Grades 1-3 | 20 hours weekly
    Grades 4-6 | 25 hours weekly
    Grades 7-8 | 30 hours weekly


    Student to teacher ratios will be similar to what is currently in practice for face-to-face instruction.  

    Equipment & Supplies

    K-8 students need the following equipment and supplies to complete their online courses. 

    Laptop or desktop computer (Note: smartphone or tablet is not sufficient)
    Web camera or a laptop that has a built-in web camera
    Reliable internet access that supports video streaming
    Microphone (newer laptops have a microphone built into the laptop).  
    Normal school supplies such as notebook, paper, pencils, crayons, etc.  
    Printer (not required but recommended).