• Part-Time Enrollment

    Part-time enrollment in eCampus Virtual School is only available for 9-12 students. Part-time enrollment in eCampus is for Peoria Unified high school students who are currently scheduled to take in-person classes at their home school for school year 22-23 and who want to take an online course as part of their high school schedule. For example, students who are enrolled in three in-person classes at their Peoria Unified home school can take one eCampus online class. You must be enrolled and scheduled for in-person classes at your home school for school year 22-23 in order for your registration form to be considered. The steps below are NOT for full-time online students. If you are interested in enrolling as a full-time eCampus Virtual School student, click here. 

    Step 1

    You need to schedule an appointment with your home school counselor.  You will also want to view the eCampus course offering quide to see the list of courses we currently offer.  In most instances, all eCampus courses are free to Peoria Unified students during the fall and spring semesters. You would only pay for a fall or spring eCampus course if enrolling in the eCampus course makes it your "fifth" class on your schedule. eCampus will email your parent/guardian if you owe tuition for your eCampus course(s).  If tuition is required, the fee is $300 for a full credit course and $150 for a half credit course.  For summer eCampus courses, all students pay applicable tuition which is $300 for a full credit course and $150 for a half-credit course.  

    Payment can be made online via TouchBase or by visiting the District Administration Center located at 6330 W. Thunderbird Rd., Glendale, AZ 85306 (Phone: 623-486-6000).  The District Administration Center accepts credit card, cash, check, or money orders.

    Step 2
    After meeting with your counselor and making sure the course fits with your Education Career Action Plan (ECAP), you will need to complete the online eCampus registration and full-time equivalency forms.  Your counselor will then register you for your eCampus courses. 

    Step 3
    Next, you need to attend the mandatory virtual student orientation.  You will meet your instructor, receive important course information (e.g., in-person final exam dates and times), and log into the online course during the virtual student orientation.  Please visit our virtual student orientation page for more information.  

    Finally, you need to complete the online student orientation course before your course begins.  We also highly recommend your parent/guardian complete the online parent orientation course.