• Fall 2023 Virtual Student Orientation Information


    The eCampus Fall 2023 semester for high school students kicks off with our eCampus Virtual Student Orientation the evening of Wednesday, August 9th. The virtual student orientation allows students to connect with their eCampus teacher in a live virtual session and get all the information they need to get started in the course. Students should check their Peoria Unified student email account for an email from their eCampus teacher that will contain the virtual meeting link. Please review all materials on this page and make sure you have completed the following four steps below before you attend the virtual student orientation.  

    Step 1. Complete and submit the registration and full-time equivalency forms

    Step 2. Complete the online student orientation course.  The orientation course will provide a complete overview of how eCampus works.

    Step 3: Read and review the entire pre-orientation presentation.

    eCampus Virtual Student Orientation

    The eCampus Virtual Student Orientation is the official start for all eCampus courses.  The virtual student orientation takes place at the start of each semester (Fall, Spring, Summer).  The purpose of the eCampus virtual student orientation is to:

    • Have the student/parent meet the eCampus instructor.
    • Receive important information on online course expectations and how to get started on the course.

    Students will connect virtually with their eCampus Teacher via a Microsoft Teams Meeting. Attending the required virtual orientation is critical to a student's online success.  The instructor will review course information (e.g., syllabus), course expectations, due dates, etc.  In addition, students will obtain their course login access and navigate within the course with the instructor present to answer any questions.

    Therefore, it is a requirement that all students taking an eCampus course attend the virtual orientation even if a student took an eCampus course the prior semester.  Parents are highly encouraged to be with their students during this virtual orientation. 

    The date, time, and virtual orientation schedule are shown below.  The Fall 2023 Virtual Orientation Schedule link is a PDF file that lists the course name, time of virtual orientation, and contains the Microsoft Teams Meeting links students will need to join their teacher's virtual orientation session.  It is critical you review the orientation schedule carefully so that you attend at the correct time.  Students must attend an orientation for each course they are enrolled in.  

    Wednesday, August 9th 

    Some sessions are offered at 6:00 p.m. and others start at 7:00 p.m. Carefully review the orientation schedule below for exact times.

    Orientation Schedule
    Instructors will be emailing students the link to the virtual session. Most of the time teachers will email students the morning of Orientation.

    Can't Attend Orientation
    Students should make every effort (e.g., make arrangements with coaches and/or job supervisor in advance) to attend the required virtual student orientation.  This is your time to get to know your instructor and the course.  In the event students cannot attend, the steps below should be completed:  

    1. Email the eCampus instructor.  Please visit the staff list page for eCampus teacher emails.
    2. Log time in StudentVUE.
    3. Log into the eCampus course.  

    The instructor may require the student attend a makeup orientation and/or require the student watch a recording of the virtual orientation session if the student cannot attend.

    Registration and Payment

    All in-district students are enrolled in eCampus courses via their home school's guidance counselor.  Please see the in-district registration page for more information on how to sign up for eCampus courses.  Out-of-district students will need to follow the out-of-district registration process.

    eCampus will notify parents/guardians via email if students owe tuition for the eCampus course(s).  The cost is:

    • $150 per half credit course.
    • $300 per full credit course.  

    Payment can be made via:

    • TouchBase 
    • District Administration Center | 6330 W. Thunderbird Rd., Glendale, AZ 85306 | 623.486.6000 | Credit card (not American Express), cash, check or money orders are accepted at this location.

    AzM2 Testing (N/A in the summer)

    Students who are taking in-person classes at their home school and some online eCampus courses will take the AzM2 test at their home school. Students are required to participate in all state mandated testing while enrolled in eCampus courses. Full-time eCampus students will take any state tests in-person at Peoria High School.