• Peoria eCampus Virtual School is a school of choice and is Peoria Unified School District’s full-time online learning option. Students will be taught by certified Peoria Unified teachers who are trained to deliver quality, online teaching and learning.

    Enrollment Expectations
    Some students may need significant in-home support from an adult. Consider your child’s needs before selecting online learning. Students electing to participate in full-time online learning must meet the following criteria.

      • Students must have passing grades in all core content areas for school year 22-23. For mid-year transfers, students must be passing current classes. 
      • Students must be promoted to next grade level.  Students being retained should select the in-person learning model. 
      • High school students will only be permitted to transfer to in-person or online at the beginning of each semester.
      • Students could be required to attend in-person tutoring and intervention at our eCampus office (location: Kachina Elementary School) if student is not making adequate course progress. 
      • Students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) will be reviewed upon enrollment to determine if services can be met at Peoria eCampus Virtual School.
      • Co-enrollment (enrollment in both eCampus and in the student's home school) is available for high school students only.  
      • Student must reside in the State of Arizona

    Additionally, we suggest you review the student success guidelines and our parent/guardian expectations:

    Student Success Guidelines

    Parent/Guardian Expectations

    All full-time eCampus students are required to take any state tests, district benchmarks, mid-terms, and final exams in-person at the eCampus Testing Center. eCampus offices and the Testing Center is located on the campus of Kachina Elementary School (5304 W. Crocus Dr., Glendale, AZ 85306). Parents/guardians will be responsible for transporting their student to and from the Testing Center. No district bus services are provided.