• How to Login to your Course

    Please follow the steps below to login to your eCampus course(s).  You will follow the steps below each time you want to login to your course.  Please contact us if you need any support.  Note:  The steps below describe how to login to your course via our eCampus Moodle platform.  Some eCampus courses use the Florida Virtual and Edgenuity platforms. If your eCampus course uses the Florida Virtual or Edgenuity platforms, then you will not use the steps below to access your course.  

    Step 1               Top   

    Go to www.peoriaunified.org/ecampus. Once there, click on the “Student Track” icon located on the middle of the page.  You will enter your course via the student tracking system.  

    student track

    Step 2

    Enter your district student username/password on the login screen shown below.  Please contact us at 623-412-5345 or email us at ecampus@pusd11.net if you don't know your district username/password.  


    Student Tracking Login

    Step 3

    Next, click on your course name link as shown in the image below.  If you don’t see your course in the student tracking system (takes 24 hours for your course to appear once you are enrolled), then visit our eCampus course site where our courses are housed and proceed to step 6 in this tutorial.

    Student Tracking Course Name

    Step 4

    At this point, you can enter the time you are going to spend working on the course by clicking on the “Add Time” link inside the student tracking system.  Refer to the student tracking video if you need help on how to track your time in the student tracking system. 

    Step 5

    Next, click on the “Go to Moodle” link to access your eCampus courses.  
    Add time and Go to Moodle

    Step 6

    Click on the course category that represents the course you are taking.  

    Moodle course categories

    Step 7

    You will see a list of course names as shown below (1).  Psychology and Sociology are located under the Social Studies category.  

    Moodle course links

    Click on the course name and a login screen will appear.  Enter your district student username/password as shown below (2).   

    Moodle course login

    Step 8

    Finally, you may see a screen that requires you to enter an enrollment key (1).  Your instructor will need to provide you with the enrollment key.  If you don't have the enrollment key, email your instructor or eCampus.  Be sure to check the “Unmask” box so you can see what text you are typing.  Click on the “Enroll me” button to enroll yourself in the course. 

    Self enrollment

    You should now be logged into your eCampus course.  Begin at the top of the course by noting your teacher’s contact information and read all the contents contained inside the “Start Here” book (2).  Please contact your instructor with any course related questions.  

    Start Here link