Sports Medicine

  • The Ironwood High School Sports Medicine Program is a multifaceted collection of allied health care professionals working together to provide the best possible health care to the student-athletes at Ironwood High School. A major emphasis of the sports medicine program is on the prevention, evaluation procedures, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and student-athlete education and awareness on injuries and medical conditions.


Student Sports Medicine Aide Program

  • Purpose: To introduce the profession of athletic training to young adults who have a desire to pursue a career in athletic training or want to learn more about the profession of athletic training and all of its domains.


    Requirements: A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. A general interest in sports, and the medical field, along with the desire to learn and the willingness to work hard and maintain a positive attitude. It is also recommended that the student has taken Introduction to Sports Medicine and/or Advanced Sports Medicine.


    Student Athletic Trainer Responsibilities: Student athletic trainers will be responsible for assisting the sports medicine staff with the daily tasks associated with providing the appropriate medical coverage for all student athletes at Ironwood High School. Daily responsibilities of a student athletic trainer may include assisting with treatments and rehabilitation, practice and game preparation, practice and game coverage and various tasks related to the operation of the sports medicine facilities.

sports medicine in action


  • Michael Suman

    Head Athletic Trainer




    Gavin Serene

    Athletic Trainer



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