• What is eCampus?
    eCampus Virtual School offers K-12 accredited web-based courses taught by highly-qualified, certified district teachers. Through eCampus, students have the option of taking a course where primary access to course materials and communication with the instructor and fellow students is primarily accomplished via the Internet.

    Are classes live?

    K-8 classes are synchronous, meaning students are taught in live classrooms with a teacher from 8:15-3:15 daily.  Students are expected to be online throughout the class, but also have access to recordings in case they are absent or need additional review later. High school courses are fully asynchronous; students are never live with their teacher.  Instead, students are given assignments through our learning management software, Canvas. All high school classes are taught by current, highly-qualified Peoria Unified high school teachers. They create the lessons, provide feedback, and are available to answer questions daily. 

    Who Teaches the Courses?
    State-certified, highly qualified Peoria Unified teachers teach all eCampus courses.  Prior to teaching an online course, each teacher is trained in best practices of mentoring online learners.

    How Do I Register?
    eCampus registration is completed by an on-line application process.

    Peoria Unified high school students must seek counselor approval prior to registering to ensure eCampus course is the correct class and best fit for student.  A counselor, parent, and student's signature must be obtained to complete the registration.  Students should follow the on-line registration process to enroll in eCampus courses.  Enrollment in eCampus courses are not limited to only Peoria Unified students.  Homebound and out-of-district students may also enroll.

    Do I Need to Pay Tuition?
    There is no tuition charge for K-12 eCampus full-time students. In addition, there is no tuition charge during the fall and spring semesters if the high school student is taking the online eCampus course as part of their regular course load.  A regular course load at the high school level is four classes per semester.  If adding the eCampus course makes it a fifth class on the student's high school schedule, tuition is applied. All students pay applicable tuition during the summer session.

         Tuition for Full Credit Course:  $300
         Tuition for Half Credit Course:  $150

    In addition, all summer school eCampus courses have applicable tuition.  Furthermore, it is strongly recommended that any non PUSD student who is considering taking on online course in lieu of a traditional high school course, meet with his or her guidance counselor to determine if taking the eCampus online course will transfer and is the best option for the student.

    How Do I Meet My Teacher and Login to the Course?
    K-8 students will have a full school day and meet their teacher on the first day of virtual school. 

    All High school students will attend a virtual evening orientation at the start of each semester.  This 60-minute virtual orientation allows students to meet the instructor, obtain all course materials, and get acquainted with the online course.  If you are not able to attend the virtual orientation, you will need to contact your instructor to setup a time where you can get oriented to the course.  Please visit our staff page for the list of teachers and the courses they instruct.

    Parents should complete the online parent orientation course.

    How Much Time Do I Need to Spend on the Course?

    All K-12 students enrolled in eCampus must log a minimum amount of time for their eCampus courses. Students log time in StudentVUE and parents/guardians can also report their student's time in ParentVUE.  Visit our tracking time page to learn more about the time requirements.  

    Am I required to attend any in-person sessions?  
    All state testing, district benchmarks, mid-terms and final exams must be taken in person at our Testing Center. 
    Course work is completed on-line but upon teacher request your student may be required to come in person for any non-state mandated testing.

    Our K-8 teachers have on-site OWL days quarterly, giving students a chance to interact with classmates and work on activities.