How to Apply to the IB Programme

  • Your student’s admission really begins with your interest in our program - thank you! You no doubt have questions about the program. We have a great deal of information on our school website for you to examine. If you have questions please contact Chris Kuczka. 

    1. Please fill out the application and send it to Mrs. Chris Kuczka, at Ironwood HS. You can mail it, fax it, email it as an attachment, or even deliver it by hand. If you deliver by hand please ask that it be placed in Mrs. Kuczka's mail box.

    2. Be sure to include all of the items asked for in the application. This includes teacher recommendations, previous grades, standardized test scores, and your student’s essay (about something they are interested in.)

    3. We are always looking for students who want an advanced, accelerated, highly academic college preparation education. It is very important that it is the student’s desire to enter such a program. They must be personally motivated. We do not have an entrance exam for the IB program. We don’t have an exact “cut-off” score for standardized test results; we look at the total impression from all entrance documents and a student interview if needed.

    4. We offer your student a chance to spend the day with one of our students to learn more about our program and school. We call this “Shadowing.” There are documents regarding this on our webpage. We can set this up for most days with prior notice. A parent needs to be present to sign forms at the time student arrives.

    5. Once all documents are received I will email you regarding admissions. It is very important that you have an email address and that it be printed very clearly on the application. Due to budget and staffing issues the best way for me to contact parents is via email. With a proper email I will put you on a distribution list for future information, and parent newsletters.

    We have a very successful program with highly trained teachers. We welcome your student and believe they will find that the students in the program form a supportive community.


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IB Contact

  • Chris Kuczka

    IB Coordinator


    Fax 623-486-6424