Ironwood School Dress

  • Arizona Law and District policy provide for a safe, positive school campus that is conducive to learning. Appropriate dress is critical to this effort. General guidelines to be observed are student’s attire should be neat, clean and modest. Clothing shall not be transparent/sheer, distracting or disruptive to the school environment.


    The following are specific guidelines to assist you and your student in making good decisions about what to wear to school:


    1. Footwear is required on campus by state law, which prohibits bare feet in any public place.


    2. No night wear including pajamas, slippers or blankets.


    3. Tops must be modest and non-revealing as to not show: midriff, cleavage, bare backs, the sides of the body or bra straps. Tops must be sufficient in length to fully cover the waistband of the bottoms. Undergarments such as sleeveless undershirts, tank tops, muscle shirts, halter tops, strapless tops, and spaghetti straps are inappropriate. Garments with straps must be 2 inches or wider; jackets/sweaters are not options for "covering up" inappropriate clothing.


    4. Pants, shorts and/or skirts must be reserved and appropriate length as to not reveal undergarments or skin through large holes, ragged or cut off garments. Shorts and skirts must be long enough to cover buttocks even when seated.


    5. To promote positive school culture students are prohibited from wearing any clothing or accessories that have or endorse profanity, drugs/alcohol/tobacco, sexual or violent connotations or are gang related.


    6. Other items that are prohibited, but not limited to that which is stated, to maintain a safe, positive and learning culture at school are as follows:

    • Bandanas, sweatbands, hairnets, overcoats, trench coats, or similar styled clothes may not be worn on campus.
    • Spiked jewelry, wallet chains, chain belts or extremely long belts are not allowed.
    • Hats, beanies, visors, sunglasses and hoods may not be worn in school buildings.

    The administration and staff will enforce this dress code consistently and fairly. A student whose mode of dress is deemed to be unsuitable or inappropriate may be asked by the administration to make necessary corrections in personal appearance. Students may receive consequences for violation of any part of the dress code. School dress is expected at school and all school functions.