Block Schedule

  • The schedule for Ironwood High School is a “4 x 4” block schedule.  Students take four 90-minute classes every day and finish a course in one semester rather than in a full school year.

    A student may be enrolled in a “full-block” schedule with four “block” courses (90 minutes in length) each school day. “Block” courses are two quarter terms (one semester) in length and one credit is awarded at the end of the course. A few classes are considered quarter term classes and 1/2 credit is awarded at the end of the course. A student may be enrolled in “modified block” schedule which may have two or more alternating day classes (90 minutes in length). These classes are comparable to traditional classes, which earn 1/2 credit each semester.
    The new “block” classes start at the beginning of the second semester, while the alternating day classes continue with the second semester of the course requirements. Student may earn up to eight credits each school year.
    Credits: Students are awarded credits at the end of the semester. Unless the class is a 9-week term/quarter class, then students are given credit at the end of the 9-week grading period.

    * If you are transferring mid-year from a school that is not on the "4 x 4 Block" schedule, please contact our guidance office at 623-486-6407 to discuss your credits/grades.