Peer Counseling Program

  • Centennial's Peer Counseling program began in the spring of 2013. 

    In August of each year, we have an application process - whereby our current students in grades 9, 10 and 11 are able to apply to our program. The application includes information about our program and what our students are responsible for as members. Students are required to complete short answer questions, obtain 2 teachers and 1 peer recommendation and parent permission. Students are then invited to an interview, that includes the advisor and two currently serving peer counselors. We want students who are a right fit, with a desire to serve their peers, step outside of their comfort zone, and develop as leaders. Students complete training to be actively engaged as members while they wait to serve in the counseling Office. We are both a program, club and a course students take where they earn a grade and credit. Students who serve twice are awarded a letterman's patch that is our logo, if they serve a 3rd or 4th time they earn a pin. Officers elected to the club leadership earn a pin for their year of service.


    PC Logo Today our Peer Counselors fulfill 2 main roles:

    • Ambassadors - giving new student tours, following up to make sure students have a smooth transition to our campus, aiding also in the transition of our rising coyotes from our feeder schools with presentations. They also serve on a "Lunch List" that connects students who need support during lunch time. 
    • Mentoring - students in the office work with 2-4 peers they are assigned to aid them areas they identify as needing help with - from organization, to time management, friendly check-ins, social support, a listening ear, etc. They check in with students on a weekly basis, one-on-one developing peer to peer resources and supports which is monitored closely by the advisor. 

    We are active on Social Media - you can follow and see more of what we do here:

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    Do you want to be a Peer Counselor? Listen to two peer counselors share the what and why.

    2022-2023 Club Theme: TBD


    Peer Counseling Club Constitution


    Peer Counseling Club Officers for 2022-2023

    Advisor: Mr. Jeremy Ramey





    Vice President: 

    Notable Accomplishments:

    2018 - Peer Mediation Youth Conference hosted by AACR - Keynote Presenters 

    2017 - Peer Mediation Youth Conference hosted by AACR - Keynote Presenters - Peace Circles

    2016 - Peer Mediation Youth Conferece hosted by AACR 0 Keynote Presenters - Peer Counseling at Centennial: By the Students For the Students

    2019 - Governor's Youth Commission - Annual Youth Leadership Training - Attendees

    2020 - Katy's Way - Peer2Peer 12 Episode 6 Week Training - Attendees 

    2020 - Rotary Student of the Month - Noemi Macias 

    2015 - Rotary Student of the Month - Eden Morain