Peer Counseling Program

  • The Peer Counseling program began in the spring of 2013 under the direction of Mrs. Lindsay Holbrook, School Counselor at Centennial. Centennial was offered an opportunity for mediation training with two professionals (a practicing lawyer and a behavioral consultant/professor) through the Arizona Chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution.  The program began with 14 trained students in conflict resolution, who served in the fall and spring semesters of the following school year in the Guidance Office. From the outset, the idea was to find students who could work in the guidance office as additional support and also aid in providing mediation as teams of two for students in conflict. Our program worked with and trained 76 students over the course of the last 7 years.

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    The program continues to grow as our students want to find other ways to engage with their peers and support students on campus. This growth in service is in large part due to a specific opportunity to work on a significant project of the students choosing, which aims to aid in positive support of our school community and office culture. Peer counselors as teams collaborate on ideas where they see an area to contribute and design a project plan and then set the idea in motion to an action. Those students who serve in our office each semester fulfill a role as an Ambassador to our campus, Mentoring our students in a one-on-one basis, complete mediations to resolve students in conflict, and support our school counseling team on a daily basis. 


    Information regarding our programming is provided through student announcements during 2nd hour with Studio 623 (media productions), flyers posted around campus, and on our Twitter  and Instragram  Give us a follow to learn more about how our peer counselors serve our school community! We share what our peer counselors are working on as well as items related to the personal, social and emotional growth of teenagers. 


    Do you want to be a Peer Counselor? Listen to two peer counselors share the what and why.



    Currently we have 27 active peer counselors who have applied to our program, completed interviews, selection and training. Each fall those students attend the annual AACR Youth Peer Mediation Conference where Centennial has now been identified as a signature model.


    At the conference we have been keynote presenters for 2016 (Peer Counseling at Centennial: By the Students For the Students), 2017 (Peace Circles), and 2018 (Informal Mediation & Applications to Real Life - audience of over 200!). This is a responsibility we have assumed because we support the mission of the conference and want to encourage new programs to form. Sunrise Mountain High School  started a program in 18-19 that was a result of following our own success - they are called Peer Ambassadors. 


    Our current peer counselors range from 9th through 12th grades. Applications are available in late August of each year for students to apply in 9th-11th grades. Students must be committed to serving their peers and be of great moral and academic character. Applicants are required to complete an extensive application that includes recommendations from three teachers. In addition, they are interviewed by current peer counselors about their desires to serve and to learn about how they may want to contribute to the goals of our program.


    Peer Counseling Club Constitution

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    Peer Counseling Club Officers for 2020-2021

    Advisor: Mrs. Lindsay Holbrook 

    President: Madeline D. L. H. (12)

    Secretary: Kayla C. (10)

    Treasurer: Jordan R. (12)

    Historian: Thanh D. (10)

    Sergeant of Arms: Anthony M. E. (11)