• Class of 2023

    November 5:  Sophomore Registration Meeting - presented by school counselors

    November 9, 10, & 13:  Small group registration meetings with school counselors



Sophomore to Junior Registration

Sophomore Experience


    Our Sophomore Experience aims to focus on helping our students understand that post-secondary education, training and life-long learning are necessary for long term career success. In developing a 90 minute lesson and experience for our 10th graders, we engage them in utilizing the Arizona Career Information System (AzCIS) website to conduct career research.  Students complete this activity through a guided worksheet here: Sophomore Career Experience Worksheet 2020


    Students may, if time allows in this period, to complete a Scholarship Search and create a  account where they can begin to log their activities and accomplishments during high school years to see how they can begin to earn scholarships. Currently ASU and U of Arizona are our two in-state colleges that use this to grant micro-scholarships to students.


    Lastly, our students have the opportunity to work in a small group with their school counselor to discuss what it means to be College & Career Ready by going over the skills that are required in the working world, recognizing their own they possess currently and how they can work toward building skills through club and activity involvement, holding a part-time job, and completing summer and internship experiences in the future. The following worksheet is used in this discussion: Career Exploration Small Group Discussion Worksheet


    CeHS Career Center Website

    Now is a great time to click on this link to see what our very own Career Center has to offer you and to help you decide what you want to do after high school.