• All School Registration Deadline:  November 3rd



    All Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen follow the guidelines on this page to register for your 2023-2024 courses. 

    Step 1: Attend the Registration Meeting in the Auditorium - See your meeting dates below.  

    During this meeting you will receive a folder with registration materials when you arrive at the auditorium.  Your school counselors will present and guide you through completing the registration paperwork for choosing your classes. 

    • Juniors - Monday, October 24th - you will attend with your current English or History class.
    • Sophomores - Tuesday, October 25th - you will attend with your current English or History class.
    • Freshmen - Thursday, October 27th - you will attend with your current English class.

    If you do not have an English or History class this semester, you will receive a summons (pass) notifying you of what time you will attend the assigned meeting date in the auditorium.

    Step 2:  Get a Parent/Guardian Signature on the registration form- No registration form will be accepted without signatures. 

    Step 3:  Log into Student VUE and enter the classes you wrote on your registration paperwork under the "Course Requests" tab. 

    Step 4:  Thursday, November 3rd - All School Registration Deadline Day -Give your completed registration form and folder to your 2nd hour teacher.  

    Counselor's email can be found here.  

    Registration Forms and Presentations for the 2023-2024 School Year 

    Incoming 12th Grade Registration Form

    Incoming 11th Grade Registration Form

    Incoming 10th Grade Registration Form

    Proposed Course Offerings List - Used to fill out the registration form.  

    CTE Electives List- A simplified view of our electives only.

    Core Class Flow Chart-Use this chart to view current core classes taken and to project what classes you will take throughout high school.

    CTE Department Flow Charts-Use this chart to view current career and technical education courses you can take throughout high school.  This chart is good information for students excited about being a program completer.  

    Course Description Guide - A complete description of our proposed course offerings

    Below are the counselor presentations that were given in the auditorium for each grade level.  Watch again if you were absent or want to view it for more information. 

    Online Studentvue Directions - Directions on how to enter your courses through studentvue online.         

    Change to Honors Form - Permission form to move from a regular level core class to an honors level

    Co-Enrollment Programs  -Use this link if you plan on taking a course at one of our high schools in the district other than Centennial.

                                         Step 1:  Email your counselor to let them know the program you are signing up for.  

                                         Step 2:  Click on the "Co-Enrollment Programs" link above and follow the directions.


    Off Campus Program Options - talk with your school counselor in the fall of your sophomore or junior year if interested:

    West-MEC - Learn a trade before you leave high school

    MET Program - Medical, Engineering, Technology and Bioscience courses