Events for Class of 2026

  • September 12, 13, 15 & 16:  Freshmen Experience Lesson presented by your school counselors

    October 27th:  Register for your sophomore classes-presented by your school counselors

    November 3rd - All School Class Final Registration Day



Freshman Lesson 1

  • If you missed the in-person lesson, take time to look at the powerpoint and complete every step of the information sheet below. 

    Freshmen Lesson 1 Powerpoint

    Introductory Freshmen Computer Exercise -If you were absent for this lesson, follow the steps on this information sheet.

    Freshmen Future Letter-Complete and print the letter in this link and turn it in to your school counselor.

    If you would like to schedule an appointment with your school counselor, please make an appointment by using the link below:


                                       Click here to make an appointment with Mrs. Kennard

                                       Click here to make an appointment with Mrs. Luque.

                                       Click here to make an appointment with Mr. Ramey.

                                       Click here to make an appointment with Mrs. Schmidt.

                                       Click here to make an appointment with Mrs. Wood 




Freshman to Sophomore Registration

  • Go here to get a complete explanation of how to register for your 2023-2024 classes.