• The purpose of the Mentoring is to provide support for 9th,10th, 11th graders and transfer students in their transition to the high school. The peer mentors are trained peer counselors who have shown an interest in and capacity for helping others. All peer mentors are matched with student mentees as part of their semester of service in the Guidance Office. On average each peer counselor while serving will mentor 2-4 students throughout the course of a semester.


    Our Vision – is that mentoring will be a significant component of the peer counseling program on our campus.


    Our mentoring program started as an idea in Fall 2015 with John and Jessie and was passed on as a project that was completed by Elizabeth and Courtney in the Spring of 2016. The program itself was piloted in Fall 2016 and continued into Spring 2017 with over 30 students being mentored by peer counselors serving in the guidance office.  In its second year, 2017-2018 we have had nearly 30 students being mentored from grades 9-12. In the 19-20 school year, while it was cut short - we still mentored close to 30 students from August through March. Many students have even selected to continue into another semester even when assigned a new mentor. This is a project and labor of love for our program - and is entirely student created and driven with support from the guidance office and administration.


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    So how does this work? Click on this Peer Mentoring Presentation to Classrooms to understand more!


     Find a Peer Mentor Nomination Form in a folder displayed throughout campus, classrooms and in your School Counselors Office!

    Peer Mentoring Folder

    Peer Mentoring Student Nomination Form      

    • A student may come into Guidance wanting to speak to their school counselor. They would fill out a nomination sheet and other required documents. These are also located in 9th grade English Teacher classrooms and in the Guidance Office on the bulletin board in the lobby.


     Peer Mentoring General Nomination Form OR Online Mentoring Recommendation Form 

    • A teacher/counselor/coach/ staff member and/or parent may find that a student is struggling with school and suggest that the student may need a mentor.  It is a voluntary process, so the student may decline but that is rare. Please know that this mentor/mentee relationship is confidential and what is shared in the sessions are only reviewed by the Advisor of the program Mrs. Holbrook. 


    Tanner’s Mentee Testimonial:

    Do you think mentoring is helpful? Why?

    “Yes, I do because the help motivated me.”

    Would you recommend other students to mentoring? Why?

    “Yes, because mentors are there to provide help.”


    Guadalupe’s Mentee Testimonial:

    Why do you think mentoring is helpful?

    “It helps students come up with schedules, become more organized, and there is someone who believes that you can do something.”

    Would you recommend other students to mentoring? Why?

    “Yes, because if they need help with classes or self-motivation, then mentoring is the place to go.”

    What are your thoughts on the mentoring program? What would you change or want added to the program?

    “The program is great and there is nothing that should be changed.”

    What have you learned/gained from mentoring?

    “I gained time management skills and that being an organized student plays a big role is trying to be successful in school.”

    What kind of impact does mentoring have on students/school? Why?

    “A positive impact because the peer counselors are helping the students.”


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