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Return To School


    We know you have many questions about both Virtual Instruction and Classroom Instruction. We want our families to be as well-informed as possible regarding their child's educational experience. Please refer to the FAQ section below for more information on both educational platforms. 

  • Frequently Asked Questions






Health & Safety Once Schools Reopen

  • Campus Health Office Protocols and Procedures Update (9/17)

  • Are masks going to be required?

  • If masks are required, will the district be providing them?

  • What types of masks are recommended?

  • Are you following federal and state guidelines to minimize the spread of COVID-19?

  • What if COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Arizona?

  • Once immunizations become available for COVID-19, will school districts require that our children be immunized?

  • What safety precautions are in place to minimize the spread of COVID-19?

  • What happens if my school gets a positive case of COVID-19?

  • At what level of outbreak do you recommend closing a school?







  • How will school buses be sanitized?







  • When will my child's teacher be using Florida Virtual?

  • How will the gaps in school impact student skill levels and how will Peoria Unified support them when students return to school?

  • How will we make sure that my child has the same educational experience as another child who chooses a different option or attends a different school?






Classroom Instruction

  • Will before and after school programs be available?

  • What will the classroom look like as far as spacing out students?

  • What will the drop-off and pick-up procedure look like?

  • How will breakfast and lunch be served for those who physically attend in person?

  • What if someone in my child’s class tests positive?

  • What if my child has to be quarantined? Will their learning options change during quarantine?

  • What if I need to visit the school’s front office?

  • Will there be recess at the elementary school level?

  • What will meet-the-teacher look like?

  • When will preschool begin and what will that look like?

  • What will COOP look like?

  • Will traditional eCampus courses still be offered for high school students?

  • What will Freshman Orientation look like?






Virtual Instruction

  • If my child participates in Virtual Instruction for the full first semester, what will that look like?

  • What is the deadline to select the full-time virtual instruction option??

  • If my child is on a variance, will they lose their spot if they participate in online instruction?

  • Will my senior be receiving a diploma from Peoria Unified or Florida Virtual?

  • Will my child still be enrolled in their home school?

  • Is the virtual platform self-paced?

  • If my child needs tutoring, will that be available?

  • What if I don’t have access to internet/WiFi?

  • I want all services provided to my child (speech, psychologist, OT/PT, etc.).  When will these services resume?

  • Can I take PE, band and art if I am a full-time, virtual elementary student the first semester? 

  • Will students be able to participate in athletics if they choose the virtual instruction model?






Special Education

  • How will Peoria support my special needs child?

  • Will Virtual Instruction support my child if they have special needs?

  • How will special education students participate in the evaluation process, if they are up for evaluation?

  • When will IEP meetings begin taking place (for virtual or classroom instruction) and when will I hear an update related to my student with special needs?







  • What will athletics look like?

  • Can I attend athletics events?






Extracurricular Activities

  • Can I attend arts events/performances?






All Virtual (Instruction Prior to Campuses Opening)

  • What if I need help with WiFi?

  • How will attendance be taken at the high school level?

  • How will attendance be taken at the elementary school level?

  • How will this fall be different from what we experienced last spring?

  • What technology will my student need and if we do not have access to a computer, will the district provide one?

  • What is the timeline on when we can return to school?

  • Why aren't you going with a hybrid option?

  • What about the social emotional needs of children who have endured this pandemic?

  • Are there opportunities for preschool in an all virtual environment?

  • Will my kindergartner need to be online all day?

  • Will arts education be offered in the online platform?

  • What will TLC look like at the junior high level?

  • How will we address CTE in a virtual environment?

  • Will there be a set schedule for learning in the All Virtual model or will class times be flexible?

  • How will your teachers/staff adjust their hours to ensure students have support outside of normal school hours for parents who work?

Last Modified on October 9, 2020