Proposed Bonds & Overrides

  • At the May 24, 2018, Board Meeting the Governing Board voted unanimously to adopt a resolution ordering all matters necessary for a $189.2M bond election on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. The bond, if approved by voters, would keep the bond tax rate at or below $1.60 and fund facility modernization, land purchase and new construction for student growth, technology, arts education, career & technical education and student transportation.


    The Citizens’ Bond Advisory Committee (CBAC) provided their recommendation to the Governing Board after conducting public meetings and a study of current and future, facility and capital needs. Based on growth, the district’s administration recommended that it include a high school facility as well.  With voter approval, the Peoria Unified School District may issue bonds, similar to a mortgage or line of credit, to fund projects that have a useful life longer than five years. The 2018 bond election includes the following:


    Facility Modernization and Site Improvements ($83M)

    o  Restroom remodels and roofing enhancements

    o  Safety standard implementation for all schools

    o  Upgrades to elementary performing arts stages and all seven high school performing arts centers

    o  Additional facility upgrades based on the age of the facility, with the oldest receiving the most funding for maintenance and repairs


    Growth ($75.9M)

    o  Purchase of land and new construction for one high school

    o  Construction of a new facility for the Peoria Traditional School


    Technology ($15M)

    o  Replacement of student and staff devices, server and switch replacement, copy machine replacement and an analytic support system


    Arts Education ($4.8M)

    o  Elementary and high school theater, dance, strings, orchestra, visual arts, band and choir equipment


    Career & Technical Education ($3.5M)

    o  Facility upgrades and equipment at all seven district high schools


    Student Transportation ($3M)

    o  Replacement buses and activity buses for student transportation needs



    Request for Arguments can be found here.



    Stay tuned for additional facts and frequently asked questions about bond elections.



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