Gifted Education

    • Discovering, Expanding and Celebrating the Gifts and Talents of all Learners


      The Department of Gifted Education provides an increasingly comprehensive, challenging K-12 curriculum to meet the needs and enhance the talents of gifted learners. In order to achieve this goal, the gifted team has concentrated on the following objectives:


      • Searching, refining and designing multiple screening and selection procedures and instruments to accurately identify gifted students;
      • Developing, refining and implementing gifted curriculum and service differentiation with respect to content, process, product and environment;
      • Collaboratively developing and supporting site-based programs and interdepartmental projects with administrators, teachers, parents and students to address the unique, diverse needs of gifted learners;
      • Investigating assessment procedures to measure student’s growth and program effectiveness.
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    • Linda Siegwald
      Gifted Services Coordinator