Learning & Teaching

  • The Peoria Unified School District is committed to ensuring high levels of learning for all students and fostering continuous improvement of student learning.

    The district’s Learning and Teaching Department believes that working together and learning from one another through collegial conversations helps us to achieve better results for the students we serve. Together we discuss and plan for the work of instruction to ensure that every student in our district achieves at high levels. The Learning and Teaching Department provides leadership for all stakeholders in our ongoing efforts to increase student achievement through standards-based curricula, professional development, and differentiated educational support. Our comprehensive, quality curricula is designed to align with the Arizona Academic Standards and serves as the foundation upon which a student's educational program is developed.  Our focus on student results and data-driven decision-making aligns with Peoria Unified’s belief in continuous improvement of student achievement and in ongoing strengthening of professional practice.

    Peoria is a leader in providing outstanding K-12 comprehensive programs at all our neighborhood schools, all of which focus on academic knowledge and skills students will need to be successful in college, career and life.  These standards define the knowledge and skills students should achieve through the course of their K-12 educational careers, so they will graduate from high school able to succeed in life, college or continued technical education, and in the workforce.

    The Learning and Teaching Department Team of content and site based coaches work together with district and site administrators and teams of teachers to facilitate collaborative planning sessions, enhance curriculum, identify best instructional practices, and create common formative assessments to ensure a guaranteed and viable curriculum is accessible to every child.. We are committed to ensuring high levels of learning for all students and fostering continuous improvement that is sustainable and strengthens collective capacity across the district.

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  • Jessica Hamilton
    Program Analyst