Substitute Teacher Information

  • Peoria Unified School District #11 has contracted with Educational Services, Inc. to provide substitute teachers an agreement designed to reduce class sizes and increase the number of trained professionals working with our students. All interested substitute teachers and substitute nurse applicants will be employed and paid through Educational Services, Inc. 

    You may submit an application for substitute employment through the Education Services website. When you have completed your application requirements, Educational Services, Inc. will notify the district of your interest. You may contact Educational Services, Inc. with any questions about the application process at 1-844-614-7784.

    In support of Peoria Unified School District's mission to empower students to fulfill their potential, substitute teachers are considered an important part of the educational program. Peoria Unified School District is committed to placing high quality substitutes in our classrooms.

    Our primary focus is student achievement and every minute allocated to instruction serves to support our Vision of “Every student, every day prepared to shape tomorrow.” Therefore, Peoria Unified School District accepts applications throughout the year.


    Substitute Pay Information

     Daily rate - $135 (full day)

    Daily rate - $67.50 (four hours)


    Long-term Substitute

    Daily rate - $155 (full day)

    Daily rate - $105 (four hours)

Substitute Sample Picture


  • Maritza Aguirre
    Lead HR Specialist