Title I

  • The purpose of Title I is to enable schools to provide additional opportunities for children to acquire the knowledge and skills outlined in Arizona Academic Content standards and Peoria Unified School District.  Title I serves children ages 5-17 in eligible schools. 

    Title I funds are supplemental in nature and are allocated to schools having high concentrations of low-income students.  Each participating school has designed its own program, including grade levels and subject areas to be served, instructional models, and staffing based upon the unique needs of students at that school.  Copies of each school plan are available upon request from the Title I office or the individual

    Currently in the Peoria Unified School District there are 20 Title I Schools - 18 elementary schools and two high schools.  Title I-funded schools are either Targeted Assistance schools or School Wide program schools.  All of the district's eligible schools are School Wide programs.

    Peoria Unified believes strongly in parent involvement.  Parents are partners in their child’s education.  To ensure parents are included in the Title I program, the law defines the importance and requirements of parent involvement in Title I schools.  One requirement is a District Parent Involvement Policy. This policy was developed by parents and staff members from various schools.  In addition, each Title I school must jointly develop and distribute its own written parental involvement policy.  Also, each school receiving Title I funds must develop a school-parent compact that outlines how parents, the entire school staff, and students will share responsibility for improving student achievement.  To view these, please check your school's website.


    School districts must give parents information about the achievement of their child and the performance of the school in a format the parent can understand.  “Parent’s right to know” provisions are sent to parents annually notifying them of the right to information about the credentials of their child’s teachers, as well as other pertinent information.

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