• FRIDAY, JANUARY 29 (3 p.m.)


    Last week we shared that we have been closely monitoring Ironwood’s health data to make sure it is still safe to offer in-person learning. Based on the health and operational status of our campus, we have determined that we need to pause in-person learning, athletics, COOP, ARISE and extracurricular activities on our campus, until Wednesday, February 10. Through this temporary change to our learning model, all students will be learning virtually from Feb. 1 through 9. This is supported by Maricopa County Department of Public Health as it covers the incubation period from the last date of exposure on our campus.   
    This decision was made using the framework below, which took us through an extensive review of our school’s metrics. You will hear more about this model in a message we are sharing with the community later this evening.   


    Description of all text available at www.peoriaunified.org/framework


    Our team did not arrive at this decision lightly. Last week we increased our mitigation procedures, temporarily paused programs and quarantined students when cases were reported.  We now feel it is in the best interest of student and staff safety to take this added precautionary measure.  
    Before Monday morning, your child will receive an email from each of their teachers who will provide directions for their virtual learning. If your child is in need of a laptop or WiFi device, we can make arrangements to get you the connectivity you need. We will also have limited space available for on-site support for students who need a safe place to complete their online learning. For support in any of these areas, email Principal Russ Dunham.  
    Lunch will be available each school day in a drive-thru or walk-up curbside service in our back parking lot from 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. beginning on Monday, Feb. 1. 
    We are going to take this time while our students are virtual to once again thoroughly clean and disinfect the entire campus. During this time, we would like to stress the importance of having our staff and students remain vigilant when they are not on campus – not attending large gatherings with others, wearing masks, frequently washing hands, and taking all necessary measures to prevent the spread of COVID. If these actions are not taken during this time, we could see an increase in cases upon our return rather than a decrease. The safety habits of our staff and community are paramount right now if we want our students to return to school.  
    We are hopeful these actions will make sure that all students and staff have a safe place to work and learn and keep our school strong and healthy through the end of the school year.  
    Thank you, 


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