Student Support Services

  • The Peoria Unified School District has established a district-wide Student Support Team to support the need for social emotional learning within our schools. As a result, the district has adopted a comprehensive model to better serve the needs of students.  Within this model there are multiple levels of support illustrated as funnels, which are detailed below. The funnels address the need for support from the district, school, teachers, students, parents and many community partners. We want to provide you additional background on the funnels: - Tier I of every funnel represents the most proactive and foundational components to addressing the social emotional needs of every student, every day.


Student Support Line

  • Call 623-412-5262, Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

     Student Support Line, 623-412-5262, Monday-Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM

     The student support line is answered by trained mental health professionals and provides information, support and resources for students and families within the Peoria Unified School District. This line does not seek to act in place of or replace seeking professional help from a licensed provider.



Resources and Community Partners

  • Boys Town
    Boys Town has partnered with Peoria Unified School District to provide social and emotional curriculum and support to our schools. In addition, they have a website for parents to obtain information and receive support.

    Teen Lifeline
    Teen Lifeline partners with Peoria Unified School District to train our staff and students to become peer supports to combat teen suicide. They offer a support line staffed with trained youth and mental health professionals for youth who are in need.

    Peoria Support
    Peoria Support offers a community resource guide with agencies that offer several different resources throughout the city of Peoria and Surprise.

    Southwest Behavioral Health Services
    Southwest Behavioral Health Services has partnered with Peoria Unified School District to provide behavior and mental health support at 9 of our campuses based on qualifications. They also offer support to families within the community through their local offices.

    Hart Pantry
    Hart Pantry has partnered with the 8 high schools in Peoria Unified School District to provide necessities and food to youth that may be homeless or in need.

    Homeless Youth Connection
    Homeless Youth Connection offers case management services and support to youth who are identified as displaced or homeless in the Peoria Unified School District.

    Quail Run
    Quail Run is a community partner with Peoria Unified School District offering inpatient and other support services for students and their families that are in need.

    Aurora Behavioral Health
    Aurora Behavioral Health offers inpatient and outpatient support to students and families that may be experiencing a crisis or in need of mental health support.

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