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    Welcome to the Peoria Unified Retiree Leadership Academy! Join us on a journey to become education ambassadors and play a vital role in supporting the growth of the Peoria Unified School District. Explore our engaging sessions, connect with district leaders and discover how you can make a lasting impact on the community.  

    Learn how we invest your tax dollars to have the greatest impact for our 36,000 students. Explore the mission and goals of the Peoria Unified School District. Discover how you can contribute to Peoria Unified's success as we become recognized as a leader in PreK-12 education. Our monthly sessions are designed to equip and empower retirees with the knowledge they need as community leaders. From understanding school finance to exploring community partnerships, each session is a step towards becoming an educational ambassador. 

    Ready to make a difference? Find out how you can participate in the Retiree Leadership Academy, meet like-minded individuals and contribute to the success of Peoria Unified. Register today! 

Leadership Academy Sessions

  • Session 1: Peoria Unified: A Brief History

  • Session 2: A Leader in Education

  • Session 3: A Changing District

  • Session 4: The Future of Peoria Unified

  • Session 5: Inheriting the Legacy

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