Do Business With the District


      The Purchasing staff of the Peoria Unified School District processes approximately 16,000 purchase orders each school year. Approximately 50 Invitations for Bid/Request for Proposals and over 100 quotations are prepared each year.

      Peoria staff members are committed to spending taxpayer dollars in the most efficient and effective manner. This does not always mean that low bids will be accepted. Products and services are carefully scrutinized to ensure the very best use of constituent funds, while encouraging open and fair vendor competition.

      The District encourages participation by all businesses in our solicitation process, including but not limited to: local businesses, small businesses, minority-owned firms, and women’s business enterprises.  Please register as a vendor at the Arizona Purchasing link below to be notified of bid and proposal opportunities.

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    • Lari Staples, CPPO
      Director of Procurement & Distribution
      Phone: 623-412-5257
      Cora McCan
      Senior Buyer
      Phone: 623-412-5324
      Mary Ortega
      Senior Buyer
      Phone: 623-412-5326
      Anna Romero
      Senior Buyer
      Phone: 623-412-5321
      Cary Case
      Junior Buyer
      Phone: 623-412-5347
      Anita Case
      Purchasing Technician II
      Phone: 623-412-5322