Elementary student completing long jump

Athletics Information

  • Peoria Unified is proud of its award-winning athletics programs. To find more information about participating in, sponsoring, or attending athletic events in the district, please visit the school website. 


Fall 2020-21 Information

  • Peoria Unified takes guidance from the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) for athletics. The AIA approved a fall 2020 interscholastic athletics calendar on August 5. In order to prepare our student athletes for the upcoming season, Peoria Unified will began Phase 1 of our athletic program on July 27 with heavy restrictions, and Phase 2 began on August 3. All workouts are voluntary and not mandatory.


    Phase 2: Aug. 3 through Aug. 8 (now continuing Aug. 10 through Aug. 15 with updates to week two in red)

    FOCUS: Continued partner activity including use of equipment and weight room


    • Fall sports will continue to prepare for the upcoming season. 
    • Winter and Spring sports are still shut down
    • Temperature checks will continue
    • The weight room will now be open
    • The weight room is limited to two athletes per power rack station (8 racks = 16 athletes)
    • Weight equipment should be wiped down thoroughly before and after each use)
    • The weight room will remain closed. (No weight equipment can be used)
    • ALL coaches will wear a mask
    • ALL students will wear a mask before and after activities (once a socially distanced cool down period has occurred).  A mask can only be removed during exercise/workouts.
    • Peoria Unified summer return to play guidelines will continue to be adhered to 
    • No group activity more than 20. Multiple groups are allowed keeping social distance. Groups should be spaced away from each other 25 yards or greater.
    • Partner drills are allowed.  
    • Locker rooms should not be utilized.  
    • Contact is not allowed between athletes. Minimum distance of 6 feet between athletes at all times.  
    • Hand washing should be conducted at regular intervals. 
    • All athletic equipment/balls are cleaned intermittently during workouts.  
    • All students shall bring their own water bottle. Water bottles must not be shared.  
    • Hydration stations (water cows, water jugs, water fountains, etc.) should not be utilized.  



    1. An athlete can use a ball and pass/receive it from another person, maintaining social distancing.
    2. A volleyball player can pass/receive the ball during an offensive drill, a quarterback can throw to a receiver. 
    3. A team could run a 7 on 7 drill, with one QB throwing to one receiver. 


    The following is the AIA Fall 2020-21 athletics calendar:


    First practice – Aug. 17
    First competition – Aug. 24
    Championships – Oct. 26-29 (Div. I), Nov. 2-5 (Div. II)


    Cross Country
    First Practice – Aug. 24
    First Competition – Sept. 9
    Championships – Nov. 12-13


    Swimming & Diving
    First Practice – Aug. 24
    First Competition – Sept. 14
    Championships – Nov. 5-7


    First Practice – Aug. 31
    First Competition – Sept. 14
    Championships – Nov. 7 (Individuals), Nov. 9-12 (Teams)


    Fall Soccer
    First Practice – Aug. 31
    First Competition – Sept. 16
    Championships – Nov. 4-7


    First Practice – Aug. 31
    First Competition – Sept. 21
    Championships – Nov. 12-21


    First Practice – Sept. 7
    First Competition – Sept. 30-Oct. 3
    Championships – Dec. 11/12 (4A-6A & Open)


    The 1A-3A conferences are currently discussing possibilities for length of their regular seasons and when to hold state championships.


  • Mark Ernster
    Director of Athletics & Business Operations