Extracurricular Participation Fee

  • As explained in the Peoria Unified Student/Parent Handbook, a per-sport participation fee will be assessed to enable the student to participate in any of the following AIA activities: Athletics, Spiritline, Marching Band, Esports, and/or Speech & Debate. The fee is to be paid prior to competing in district sports and participating in district activities. Requests for fee waiver consideration due to hardship must be directed to your school’s athletic director. 

    2022-2023 Fee Schedule:

    • High School athletics and marching band:
      • $100 per sport/marching band - maximum 2 sports/marching band per year
      • Family maximum fee is $400
    • Elementary athletics:
      • $25 per sport - maximum 2 sports per year
      • Family maximum fee is $50

    Athletic fees may be paid for with a tax credit donation, where you will pay up front to participate, but also earn a dollar-for-dollar return on your state taxes. Simply complete the tax credit donation form at the time that you pay in order to take advantage of this opportunity.   

    Additionally, the fee to attend a game has increased by one dollar for adult and student tickets.  The change in ticket prices are due to an increase in cost of officials, security, and game management. To view the updated fees to attend athletic events, see Peoria Unified’s guest admission into athletic games on the district website.  

    We thank you for supporting our student athletes this upcoming school year! 


    There are three ways to make a payment:

    1.     Pay online for the extracurricular participation fee utilizing the Arizona tax credit.  ** Please make sure to click the correct fee you would like to pay (ie: Tax Credit Athletics Participation Fee, Tax Credit Marching Band Participation fee)

    2.     Pay online for the extracurricular participation fee without using the Arizona tax credit. 

    3.     Visit the school bookstore and pay in person.