• Festival

  • The Peoria Arts & Cultural Festival celebrates the thriving art and cultural environment in our schools. All proceeds from the event benefit the Peoria Education Foundation, which supports our school district.


    The event encompasses multiple city blocks surrounding Osuna Park, Peoria Center for the Performing Arts, home of Theater Works, and the Peoria Community Center. Last year's event attracted more than 16,000 people. Attendees are families with children from across the entire West Valley, as well as residents within the Peoria Unified School District who appreciate the arts!


    To support efforts to reduce exposure of COVID-19 & to mitigate the risk to the students, families & community in Peoria, we will be canceling the 2020 Peoria Arts & Cultural Festival. We are committed to the health of our @peoriaunified11 community. For more information please visit information https://www.peoriaunified.org/ We look forward to the 2021 Arts & Cultural Festival and where were will be celebrating our 20th year of the a Festival that celebrates the Arts in Peoria Unified.