International Baccalaureate

  • Location: Ironwood High School
    Grades: 9-12


    This world-renowned program provides qualified students with a rigorous college preparatory education and the opportunity to earn university credit while in high school.


    Diploma Programme


    The IB Programme includes over 600,000 students, in more than 2,500 IB schools worldwide. It provides a rigorous college preparatory education, with the opportunity for university credit while in high school. Currently over 1,200 colleges and universities in the US grant credit for the IB. 


    Our IB Diploma Programme is located at Ironwood High School, 6951 West Sweetwater, Glendale, Arizona, 85304. Ironwood High School was approved as an IB school in the spring of 2005 and had its first IB Diploma recipients in May of 2007. Since then the program has continued to grow with our students being awarded numerous scholarships and being admitted to many prestigious universities. 


    The Ironwood IB Programme is currently accepting applications for the next school year. The program begins in the freshmen year with the accelerated AIM program and then progresses into the official IB Program, which begins during the junior year.      


    Students who do not live within the Ironwood attendance zone are welcome in the IB Programme. These students must also request a variance to attend Ironwood.  The variance form is on this page and is required from all students not living in the Ironwood attendance zone.  Variances are granted to students who are accepted into the program.  


    We strive to support our students in their wishes to participate in school activities, such as sports, arts, drama, and music, while in the IB Programme.  The IB Programme is rigorous. Success in the IB Program requires dedication and the development of time management skills on the part of the student, but if the student is willing to set priorities their participation in IB does not exclude participation in other activities on campus. 


    The Ironwood IB Programme continues to graduate both full IB Diploma Candidates and students who only participate in part of the program and receive Diploma Program Results, which can count for college credit. IB students often receive university credit either for the full diploma or for scores on higher level exams.  Some universities offer scholarships based on IB achievement.  Most of our students receive considerable college credit however each university should be contacted individually for their particular policy. ​

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  • Chris Kuczka
    IB Coordinator