Vendor Information

  • The following information is provided to assist vendors in the overall procurement process for Peoria Unified. This information is intended as a general guide and may not answer all the questions you have. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.


    Conflicts of Interest
    Arizona State Law and Peoria Unified Governing Board Policy prohibit Peoria Unified employees from accepting business-related gifts or gratuities. Please refer to the statements below, and do not offer any item that would be construed as a gift or gratuity to any Peoria Unified employee. Also, do not offer Peoria Unified Contract discounts to Peoria Unified employees for personal purchases.

    Arizona Revised Statute §38-504.C states: "A public officer or employee shall not use or attempt to use the officer's or employee's official position to secure any valuable thing or valuable benefit for the officer or employee that would not ordinarily accrue to the officer or employee in the performance of the officer's or employee's official duties if the thing or benefit is of such character as to manifest a substantial and improper influence on the officer or employee with respect to the officer's or employee's duties."


    Peoria Unified Governing Board Policy GBEAA states: “No employee of the District will accept gifts from any person, group, or entity doing, or desiring to do, business with the District. The acceptance of any business-related gratuity is specifically prohibited, except for widely distributed, advertising items of nominal value.”

    Purchase Orders
    Purchases for Peoria Unified are authorized only by a Purchase Order signed by the Purchasing Department. Vendors should not accept or deliver orders for products or services without a Purchase Order (PO) number. Peoria Unified will not be held responsible for products or services delivered without a PO in place. Price increases or substitution of items without prior approval from the Purchasing Department is prohibited. PO’s are only authorized for the total amount stated on the PO. Verbal changes are unauthorized.


    All deliveries should be made to the Peoria Unified Warehouse Distribution Center located at 10721 North 95th Avenue, Peoria, Arizona 85345. Deliveries should not be made directly to school locations, unless indicated on the Purchase Order. All shipments must reference the PO number, and should contain a packing slip stating the quantity and description of goods contained in the shipment.


    In accordance with Peoria Unified Policy, payment is made after goods are received or services are rendered. Prepayment is allowed only for specific reasons prescribed by Policy. Invoices should be mailed to the PUSD Accounts Payable Department, PO Box 39, Peoria, Arizona 85380. Invoices should not be mailed to school locations. All invoices must reference the PO number, list the description of goods or services provided, quantity, unit price, and extended price. PUSD makes every effort to process payment for purchases within thirty calendar days after receipt of an invoice.


    Cooperative Purchasing
    Arizona School District Procurement Rules authorize and govern intergovernmental procurements. Cooperative Purchasing Agreements have been signed with several organizations to reduce administrative duplication to promote "best value" purchasing and to obtain economies of scale.
    Peoria Unified is a member of and participates in the following purchasing consortiums:

    • Arizona State Procurement Office (SPO) (ProcureAZ)
    • Mohave Educational Services Cooperative (MESC)
    • The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN)
    • Greater Phoenix Purchasing Consortium of Schools (GPPCS)
    • Strategic Alliance for Volume Expenditures (SAVE)
    • 1Government Procurement Alliance (1GPA)
    • U.S. Communities


    Procurement Thresholds
    In an average year, Peoria Unified issues approximately 16,000 Purchase Orders. All purchases involve public money, and are therefore subject to State Procurement Law. This Law governs solicitation procedures based on certain dollar thresholds.

    Verbal Quotations
    Once the District reaches $10,000.00 in expenditures with any given vendor or in any given commodity during the fiscal year, each subsequent purchase must be covered by verbal price quotations until the District reaches the threshold for written quotations. Verbal price quotations must be obtained from at least three (3) vendors.

    Written Quotations
    Once the District reaches $50,000.00 in expenditures with any given vendor or in any given commodity during the fiscal year, each subsequent purchase must be covered by written price quotations until the District reaches the threshold for bids. Written price quotations must be obtained from at least three (3) vendors. Written price quotations must be submitted on vendor letterhead, and should include a signature from the vendor submitting the quotation.

    Formal Solicitations (Invitations for Bid / Requests for Proposal)
    The District conducts a formal competitive sealed solicitation for purchases of goods or services that are anticipated to exceed $100,000.00 with any given vendor or in any given commodity during the fiscal year. Peoria Unified utilizes an online service to maintain our Prospective Bidder’s List and to issue formal solicitations. If you are interested in receiving notification of open solicitations, please visit and follow the steps on the website to register.


    Solicitation openings are conducted at the District Office and are open to the public. After opening, the submittals go through an evaluation process that may include interviews, reference checks, and best and final offers. Factors which may be considered when awarding a solicitation include, but are not limited to: related work experience, references, offered services, payment terms, quality, delivery time, and freight charges.
    The bid/proposal process generally takes eight to twelve weeks from issuance of the solicitation to formal contract award. During the evaluation period, vendors should contact the Purchasing Department if there are questions regarding the solicitation. Contacting other District employees regarding the solicitation during the evaluation period may result in disqualification of the submittal.