• Recent studies have shown positive links between engagement with music and academic achievement. Music helps develop the student behind the actual musical score and provides the foundations for students who are curious, motivated, engaged, and confident in their ability to succeed in our society. Access and opportunities in Music education provides students the opportunity to receive immediate feedback and to reflect on their progress, teaches them to make the needed adjustments, and provides opportunities to improve their craft based on their own observations of their own and others’ performances. As students are engaged, they learn the value of discipline, determination, and “grit” by setting and achieving goals even in the face of obstacles, gaining confidence and self-understanding. Every day in Peoria Unified students have access and opportunities with guidance from more than 140 Arts Educators to help them reach their goals and help to shape their future!

    Today, on day six of the virtual 2021 Peoria Arts and Cultural Festival, Peoria Unified invites you to see for yourself the outcomes of not only music education, but all Arts education through the work and performances from our students at Raymond S. Kellis High School and its feeder schools; Cotton Boll Elementary, Country Meadows Elementary, and Sun Valley Elementary.

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