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  • Kindergarten is an exciting experience and serves as the foundation for a child's future. In Peoria Unified, we offer free, full-day kindergarten. Our kindergarten program is designed to ensure your child is known, valued, cared for and challenged. Our kindergarten classrooms are engaging, safe and nurturing and we have highly qualified teachers to help your child be successful throughout their educational journey.

    In Kindergarten, your child will gain skills which will help them learn how to read and write. They will learn social skills, emotional skills, listening skills, concepts in literacy, mathematics and social studies. They are also exposed to physical education and special classes such as art and music. Kindergarten is so much more than just your A, B, C's - it is where creativity is encouraged and bright minds blossom in a fun, safe environment. In Peoria Unified, we strive to make this an easy adjustment for parents to ensure your child is well-prepared for the best possible educational experience. 

    We look forward to welcoming your kindergarten student this fall! To enroll your child for kindergarten, Peoria Unified encourages you to register online below or at your neighborhood school. 


  • Follow these easy steps to get your child ready for kindergarten.

    Please Note: If your student is currently enrolled in a Peoria Unified preschool program you do not need to complete the full registration process. The registration window for continuing students will open in March and you will only need to update their student, parent and emergency contact information.

  • Step 1 Watch Kinder Live
  • Step 2 Still have questions? Call one of our elementary schools.
  • Step 3 Enroll for Next Year
  • Step 4 Meet the Teacher
  • Step 5 Start School on August 7, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions About Kindergarten

  • What do I need to enroll my child?

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    Enrollment requires the following information:

    - Proof of residency 

    - Verification of student identity and age (birth certificate)

    - Immunization records

    Additional documents where applicable:

    - Proof of guardianship or custody

    - Health exam records

    - Withdrawal Forms

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  • When will I learn about the drop-off and pick-up procedures at the school?

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    Your child’s principal will send detailed information about the drop-off and pick-up procedures prior to the start of the school year. At Meet-the-Teacher, your child’s teacher will also ask you how your child will get home each day (walker, bus rider, parent pick-up). If you are picking up your child, the teacher will give you specific information about what that looks like for their class (if there’s a colored placard you will need, etc.) On some campuses, there may be a staggered pickup schedule where kindergarten releases a little bit before the final bell to help the flow of the parent pickup line on campus.

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  • What types of things will my child learn in kindergarten?

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    Kindergarten is so much more than the ABC’s. In kindergarten, children will learn all about reading behaviors (following words on a page from left to right). Students will become familiar with sight words (words that are common so they can recognize them instantly). When they practice sight words often, they can begin sounding out words, which ultimately helps them learn how to read. Students will learn about math by counting objects and will understand addition and subtraction concepts.

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  • What will my child’s school day look like?

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    In kindergarten, students will spend part of their day in their kindergarten teacher’s classroom, but the students will also have specials. Specials include library, physical education, music and art. They also have morning recess, afternoon recess and lunch.

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  • Will my child have homework?

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    While each teacher can share what their expectations are in the kindergarten classroom, the most important and valuable part of homework will be for a parent to practice reading to their child every night. We encourage families to read for 20 minutes so children get used to reading and enjoy it. When a child is in kindergarten through second grade, they are learning to read. From third grade and beyond, they are reading to learn. Setting those foundations for reading early will help make it a part of their routine so they are set up for success in school.

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  • Can I volunteer in my child’s classroom?

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    Peoria Unified understands that parental involvement is a critical piece to the success of the child and that our teachers may love having an extra set of hands on campus. That said, safety is our top priority and to volunteer in the classroom or on a field trip, we require all parents complete an application on our website and submit a fingerprint card. To volunteer, please visit our volunteer website.

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