• Immunization Requirements fall under The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) Immunization Program Office. Please contact the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) Immunization Program Office for questions at 602-364-3630

    Nurses and health assistants in Peoria Unified follow the rules as written in the ADHS School Immunization Toolkit. Download the Immunization Toolkit here.

    A student’s immunization record must be submitted prior to attendance or an exemption from immunization is submitted (Proof requirements: Ariz. Admin. Code § 9-6-704), although a student may be conditionally enrolled provided that necessary immunizations have been initiated and a schedule has been established for completion of required immunizations. Homeless students shall be referred to the liaison for homeless students for guidance and will be given more time to comply. 

    Per ADHS, exemptions from required immunizations can only be on the ADHS approved personal belief, religious belief, or medical exemption forms with no additional markings on them nor wording crossed out to personalize. These exemption forms can be provided for you by the school nurse. Doctor’s notes in leu of state exemption forms are not accepted.


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