2022-23 KidZone Fees & Payment Schedule

  • To make it easy on our families, we offer a variety of options for our KidZone program.

KidZone One-Time Registration Charge (required)

KidZone Program Options

2022-23 Payment Schedule


    Payments can be made online through our online registration system at peoriaunified.ce.eleyo.com, at the district office, the KidZone office located at Desert Valley or the preschool office located at Skyview. During the school year, payments are due the last day of the month prior to the month attending (chart on the right). Cash, check or money orders are accepted at the KidZone and preschool office. Card payments are only accepted online and at the district office.

    If payments are not received by the deadline, your child’s place in the program will not be held. Early release afternoons are included if it is the student’s regularly scheduled PM day.

    Returned checks: Non-sufficient funds will be turned over to the district’s collection agency. Fees will be assessed in addition to those charged by your bank. Non-sufficient funds checks may only be repaid through www.nextcheck.com. Two non-sufficient funds checks will require all future payments to be made by cash or money order. 

    Fees may be prorated for children entering or leaving the program mid-month.


    If for any reason you decide to change or drop your child’s enrollment from the program, changes to your school year Peoria Unified KidZone program contract must be submitted one week prior to the new month attending (see chart above). Change to the contract should be completed online through our registration system at www.peoriaunified.org/ KidZone. If attending the summer EdCamp program, make the change no later than the Tuesday prior to the week of attendance (for example, July 23 is the last day to make changes for the week of July 29 to August 1).

    Please also notify the KidZone classroom staff in person or by calling the classroom if your child will not be attending on a contract day.




    Department of Economic Security (DES) Child Care Subsidies are accepted at all sites. DES funding may be available for qualifying families. Contact DES at 602-771-0014 to find out more information on how to apply. Processing can take up to 30 days. If you are currently receiving DES assistance for the school year, you will need to notify your caseworker of a location change.


    TAX I.D.: 86-6000-488



    A $15 fee per child will be assessed for every 15 minutes past 6 p.m. 6:01 p.m. to 6:15 p.m.: $15; 6:16 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.: $30, etc. Pick-up time will be recorded by the designated site clock. The first incident will result in verbal warning with review of policy. The second incident will result in a fee plus witten warning. The third incident will result in fee plus a three-day suspension. The fourth incident will result in a fee plus a one-week suspension. The fifth incident will result in removal from the program.


    • Isabell De La Cruz, KidZone Clerk, 623-773-6688  Email
    • Jennifer Pettit, KidZone Program Facilitator, 623-256-7798  Email
    • Michelle McArdle, KidZone Program Facilitator, 623-418-2848  Email
    • Ashley Worrell, KidZone Program Director, 623-777-6687  Email