Smart Snacks

  • Any food sold to students on campus during breakfast and lunch must meet the regulations.

    Smart Snack regulations were implemented as part of the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010.  The guidelines were designed to combat the large number of sales and marketing of unhealthy foods toward students in all grades.

    Although, this does pose a challenge to student fundraising, the strategic plan of Peoria Unified School District is to raise students that are set up for success in life.  Their safety and well-being are part of that success.  Healthy students are in school more often, learn more, and are set up to be healthier adults.  Eating habits and making good choices around food and drink start young.

    When selecting whether an item must meet smart snack regulations, you must consider when it is being sold.  If it is sold during breakfast or lunch anywhere on campus, it must meet the regulations, no exceptions.  If it is being sold outside of those meal times, please complete the exemption form under quick links.

    Fundraisers can be accomplished with healthier options that students will enjoy.  For a list of smart snack approved vendors and products, click on the links under quick links.  For questions, please email Food & Nutrition or call 623-487-5185.