• WebSmartt is a computerized cashiering system that will allow us to accomplish several important things that are of benefit to you and the students. Time in line at lunch should be reduced, giving your children more time to eat and digest their food. All purchases and credits will be logged so you can inquire about account balances and we can quickly tell you.

    Pin Numbers

    The best part of this new system is that each student now has an “account” with us. This is a debit account (not a credit account). This means that money is deposited into the account and then the student can purchase food items from the main serving line using that account. Instead of using cards, elementary students have a personal PIN numbers and high school students use their student ID cards. At mealtime, the student enters his own PIN number and the computer accesses his account. The computer knows if the student is eligible for the free/reduced meal program and debits the appropriate amount. When the account balance is low, the student will be reminded to bring in more money for his account.


    You know where your money is going. Only food items can be purchased. Cash cannot be taken out of an account except for a refund signed by the parent. The money cannot be used for the snack bar.

    You can add funds to your student's lunch account by cash, check or online at MySchoolBucks.com. You don’t have to hassle with spare change every day. And that change won’t be lost before lunch, either. Since less cash is handled, cashier lines will move more quickly.

    Students enjoy having their own PIN numbers. It allows them to assume responsibility early in life. They’ll also learn how to budget their money. 

    Free and reduced meal program students cannot be distinguished in any way from paid accounts. All free and reduced information is kept confidential.  

    What do you do?

    It’s easy. Your student already has an account. Contact your cafeteria manager for your child's PIN number. You can help your child learn the number prior to going through the lunch line. The teachers will also work with the students to help them remember their numbers on the first day of school. The cashiers have a list of the numbers if a student forgets.


    Deposits can be made in the mornings before school. You may pay by cash, check or MySchoolBucks.com. Make checks payable to Peoria Lunch Fund. You can also write one check for multiple students in one school. Simply specify each student, his PIN number, and the amount for each account on one single check.