2024 Bond Election

  • On May 9, 2024, the Peoria Unified Governing Board voted to follow the recommendation of the Citizens’ Advisory Committee to call for a $120 million bond authorization in the 2024 General Election.

    If approved, the bond will not be a tax rate increase.

    The Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC) provided their recommendation to the Governing Board after conducting public meetings and a study of current and future, facility and capital needs. With voter approval, the Peoria Unified School District may issue bonds, similar to a mortgage or line of credit, to fund projects that have a useful life longer than five years.

    The 2024 bond election includes the following:

    How will the dollars be used: Amount:
    Safety and Security $15,500,000
    Priority and essential repairs and upgrades to elementary and high schools $57,200,000
    New elementary school construction $21,000,000
    District facility essential safety upgrades and security $3,700,000
    Technology $10,000,000
    Transportation $12,600,000
    Total: $120,000,000


  • What do I need to know about the bond election?

  • What will happen if the bond is not approved?

  • What is a bond authorization?

  • What is the cost to the average taxpayer?

  • If the bond is approved, why doesn’t the tax rate increase?

  • What are some more specific examples of how the district will spend the bond dollars, if approved?

  • Why doesn’t the district use its current dollars to fund these projects?

  • How were these projects identified?

  • When is the last time the Peoria Unified School District had a bond authorization in place?

  • How will the district ensure transparency related to funding, if the bond is approved?

  • Do other school districts also ask their communities to approve voter initiatives?

  • How do I get additional information on how the district spends its current budget?

  • How do I register to vote?

  • How do I get additional information?

  • * Tax rates stated per $100 of net limited assessed value without adjustment for earnings, arbitrage or delinquencies.  Estimated annual tax rate decline for new bond scenarios is based on current and projected property values and the District’s current plans for issuance of bonds.